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  1. Fuddy

    Joker Trailer

    Not many, if any actors, had three better performances this decade than Joaquin in You Were Never Really Here, Inherent Vice, and Her. I hope the movie as a whole hits the mark.
  2. Fuddy

    The movie you just watched

    This is a good thread on a different board, figured I'd bring it over here
  3. Fuddy

    Stephen Hawking has died

    BREAKING: Family spokesman says physicist Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76.
  4. Fuddy

    Want a new easy quick fantasy/sci-fi read?

    Give this a shot. It's a fast paced sci-fi trilogy that is akin to riding down Mount Everest on a bike with no handles. It's excellent if you're into this type of stuff.
  5. Fuddy


    Season three is starting to heat up. I think this has been the best show on TV since Breaking Bad ended, and it might end up being the best show ever. Start watching if you haven't started yet.
  6. Fuddy

    Multiple stabbings on UT campus?

    Apparently four stabbed so far, Jester/McCombs area Wow
  7. Fuddy

    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

    Released a new podcast The Destroyer of Worlds
  8. Fuddy

    PSA: new show starting tonight "Taboo"

    9 pm central time on FX
  9. Fuddy

    Rogue One

    That was one baller ass movie (Keep spoilers in the spoiler tag)