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  1. cryoburn76

    Opinions from the board

    I know the mods have said they planned to have this forum become more lively for the 2018 recruiting season. With that in mind I wanted to ask everyone for some opinions on a young man who's hudl has intrigued me. Now I don't think there is any elite trait shown on his Hudl, however the young...
  2. cryoburn76

    Texas vs Notre Dame

    Just saw on ESPN that Texas is close to closing a 4 year deal to play Notre Dame. I can only hope that this deal can get done as this would be a interesting series.
  3. cryoburn76

    VY gets in atlercation at nightclub.

    Although I appreciate the sentiment, I do wish he had just walked away. P.S. VY looks like a beast in the video.
  4. cryoburn76

    A small reprieve from a Bad rule.

    Looks like Coach Muschamp will get to work his magic for the 2011 class as well.
  5. cryoburn76

    Corey Nelson to OU?????

    Bad day for A&M.
  6. cryoburn76

    some decent info

    Came across this and thought it gave some decent info. Thought I would post the link for all.
  7. cryoburn76

    A querry for the masses?

    I had a question and figured with the amount of knowledge contained here on this forum, someone would have to know the answer. Question: With the NCAA showing an increased interest in good sportsmanship would it be possible for a team to exchange jerseys after the game? Would that violate...
  8. cryoburn76

    Some thoughts from a long night

    I currently work the dreaded night shift and frequently have hours to drive contemplating the world and its wonders. Well, last night while discussing football with a fellow officer (USC FAN), he kept raving about the success Ken Norton JR. has been having coaching and the added advantage he...
  9. cryoburn76

    Texas, Minnesota could play football series

    Don't know what to say about this.
  10. cryoburn76 Top 100 for 2010 released its top 100 recruits for 2010.
  11. cryoburn76

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet

    While looking around for some news i ran across this.
  12. cryoburn76

    Another Program in Trouble

    Yet another program has fallen into some problems, this is where having a coach like Mack helps. God Bless you coach and keep up the hard work.
  13. cryoburn76

    Class Of 2010 "Wish List"

    Just for fun, I thought it would be nice to see who and at what position you thought Mack should be looking at for this class. For Example: Ahmad Dixon, S (Midway HS) Waco, TX, or Any Safety to replace Blake Gideon