2022 Lexington athlete Jarred Kerr discusses Oklahoma, Texas, A&M offers

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Dec 19, 2011
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It’s hard to watch Lexington’s do-it-all athlete, Jarred Kerr, and not be reminded of 2019 Texas signee, Jordan Whittington. Beyond the similar green uniform, you see the suddenness in movement when he plants and goes as a ball carrier, while also seeing the confidence and range on defense.

Kerr was a fairly well known prospect before this last week, but his recent run of offers truly announced him as a blue-chip recruit, not just regionally, but nationally.

OU got the ball rolling on August 29th. The Sooners were joined by Texas later in the day. A&M followed suit on the 30th. Kerr had a minute to catch his breath and take things in on Sunday before Notre Dame and Florida offered on September 1st.

Inside Texas caught up with Kerr on Sunday evening. He was still on cloud nine after receiving the big three regional offers. A smile on the other end of line was palpable.

IT: Pretty solid weekend, huh?

JK: “Huge, I don’t even ... it came out of nowhere. I haven’t even talked to two of them before this weekend. The only team I did talk to was Texas, on the phone one time recently. The other two I was surprised completely.“

IT: So you have talked to UT before?

JK: “About a week ago I talked to them after their scrimmage, and we talked one time before that after I got Baylor and Arkansas. I talked to Coach Ash.“

IT: Schools are recruiting you for DB I assume?

JK: “All except for Colorado, they offered at wide receiver.”

IT: OU was first — when I mention the Sooners, what comes to mind?

JK: “They win. They’ve been known for sending people to the league and winning a lot.”

IT: Same question but with Texas.

JK: “Just huge. Everyone says things are bigger and better in Texas. It’s just huge.“

IT: And A&M?

JK: “Another big program. These three, I was not expecting it this weekend. [Can tell he’s appreciative and still blown away] We have a lot of Aggie fans here. We’ve seen them on TV a lot and gone to football parties to watch them.“

IT: Did you grow up with a favorite team?

JK: “I didn’t grow up with a favorite team. I never played tackle football until I moved here.”

IT: Where are you from originally?

JK: ”I moved in from Florida in the 4th grade. I lived in Clearwater.”

IT: Okay, that makes more sense. Usually when an athlete is in a small town he’s a move-in or comes from an athletic family that has been in the area a long time. Let’s talk about Baylor. Dave Aranda has my attention. Thoughts on that offer?

JK: The first thing that stands out is they were my first offer. I haven’t visited since they offered but I went to a camp there a year before they offered. They liked me when I moved back to Texas (after briefly returning to Florida). It’s definitely going to be a choice; seeing me first, believing in me first.

IT: With you moving around I’m guessing proximity won’t matter?

JK: Proximity isn’t a thing to me. I’m 100% open right now.

IT: What are some schools you want to hear from?

JK: I moved in from Florida in the 4th grade. My mom actually met a guy, my dad passed away when I was 8 or 9. I lived in Clearwater.: LSU, Florida (offered the next day), Florida State, Michigan, USC, ... those are probably the top ones I haven’t heard from yet. Oh and Alabama.

IT: I know you’re being recruited mostly for defensive back, but do you have a preference?

JK: I’ll probably be defensive back. I think that’s my strongest point.

IT: There you go. I can’t tell you how often I see kids pick the position they like rather than the one that could potentially change their life. I see you participate in track. What are your events?

JK: “I do 100, well actually, I only ran one track meet. I do 100, I do long jump, I do the 200 and 4x1.”

IT: What would you have ran if you had a full season?

JK: “With a full season, my best time could have been like a 10.8 or 10.9. Long jump is my best though, I jumped like, my farthest jump is a 22-9, almost 23. My 8th grade year I would have qualified for regionals on varsity“

IT: Final question, and it’s an important one, how often do you eat at Snow’s BBQ?

JK: [laughing] Actually not that much. It’s so hard to get in on Saturdays. People are out there at 6:00 a.m. in the morning.

Kerr intends on taking all of his official visits. He’d like to make a choice before his senior year. He plans to enroll early. That’s always a good sign of how important football and academics are to a young man.
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Think he’s a take at athlete alone. I think Jamarion Miller is too. It’ll be fun to see how this cycle shakes out.