A&M's ..... Class


Apr 1, 2017
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Let's discuss a little Aggie recruiting. @Eric Nahlin@Justin Wells@Ghost, what are your thoughts on the 2016 class? Who are A&M's remaining targets aside from the obvious ones?

It seems to me that not a whole lot has changed in outlook for the 2016 class despite the 6-0 start (see J Phillips commitment to OU despite A&M getting last visit and a number of Nashville buddies on the A&M roster). They have not seemed to garner renewed interest from any of the instate war daddies who had previously written them off. Perhaps this class has learned something from the last two seasons - Aggie crushes a light schedule first half of the season and folds against the meat of the SEC West second half like clockwork. Let's see if this year is any different.

My personal opinion is that Sumlin hedged his bets on the bottom falling out this season and took a large number of mid-tier/reaches early and now numbers are regretfully tight. There are a couple gems in their though.