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Alan Bowman benched

system poster

Jul 29, 2020
Has he been that bad, or is Wells trying to shake things up?
Since playing UT Bowman played one series against KSU before leaving with an injury. Then he played about three quarters against ISU where he looked bad, but in fairness to Bowman, Tech quarterbacks always have a hard time against ISU. Colombi, the back up, came in against ISU in the fourth quarter and put together a good drive, but it was in garbage time, likely against backups. So I think the coaches are grasping at straws a little bit here.


Sep 9, 2020
Hard to say which one gives us a better chance to win, but bowman has definitely been in a bit of a funk.

He’S 16/31 for 99 yards and an INT since Tech went up 15 on Texas.