Assessing the post-Oklahoma State damage

Eric Nahlin

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Dec 19, 2011
Thoreau'd on Walden
I think I've made it clear where I stand on the officiating. It was horrendous and it played a bigger part than any other in Texas losing that game. Sure, dropping a punt near your goal line is bad, especially in that situation, but Texas would have been in the comfortable position to kick that ball out of the back of the end zone to take a safety - provided the Aussie even knows that rule - had the officiating not been so dishonest.

I'm just going to bullet point this. What I have to write will inevitably be a terrible SOC on the first four games of the season later today and there are only so many sentences worth composing today.

Marcus Johnson - Nice seeing him return and making his presence felt early. I had no idea he would play. When you can run credible verticals from all four receiver positions you're going to make a lot of big plays downfield.

Nick Rose - Attaboy, Nick. That told me a lot you. Coming back and drilling 41 and 46 yarders in the 1st quarter was impressive.

Broken record department - Too many 3rd down conversions allowed (the 3rd and 7 from the Ok. St end zone sucked). Bonney is struggling mightily at cornerback. Haines is a poor tackler and isn't even providing good coverage over the middle where many of the 9 of 16 3rd downs were converted. WTH was he doing on the goal line letting Seaton wide open in the flat? I know he's reading run but come on.

Heard struggles - I don't care if he was under the weather, he was likely going to have his struggles this weekend. OSU matches real scheme with some bona fide Big 12 players. He has a lot of tape to learn from and he'll only improve. Heard actually gained 103 yards on the ground but sacks relegated that number to 48. In the air Heard was 9-of-17 for 119 with one interception. That includes the 47-yarder to Marcus Johnson so not much doing in the air otherwise. Heard needs to be more accurate and use better speed on short throws (he could have had more help from his receivers - Daje and Marcus primarily). Took a terrible sack late in the 3rd that took Texas out of FG range.

Speed option sucks - A) where's the speed? If Gray is in there, the play really needs to be blocked well. Run that with Daje. B) the blocking on the outside, specifically picking up second level players is subpar.

Swoooooooooopes - I was actually going to write last week that our guy Tyrone has a fit in this offense and would be much more comfortable as a passer, but I held on those thoughts for some rather obvious reasons. Injecting him into the course of action is a good way to give your power run game some spice. Wait until they fake the run and pull Tyrone back and let him throw it. Should be coming soon. It was nice to see him showing some emotion.

Ridgeway's homecoming - Luckily nobody hit Rudolph on his fumble otherwise these creative refs would have found something to flag. Great scoop and score from Ridgeway. As Barking Carnival tweeted: "High beta defense, either we score or you score."

The young DB's - They're as talented as the '08 group. Kris did his Ultimate Warrior routine on kick coverage and had a pick stolen from him. Davante Davis showed tremendous skill a time or two. Reverend Holton Hill had the pick-six and wasn't afraid to mix it up versus the run.

DL easily played its best game - It wasn't just Ridge, everyone played better. Omenihu needs more snaps off the edge. He might be the most natural edge rusher on the roster. 45 yards rushing allowed in the 1st half.

Daje living on the edge - Catching punts on the run is no way to go through life, son. It's nice to be at full speed but tough to always hold on to it with live bullets whizzing by.

The double pass - I thought live it was forward. The review was going to remain whatever the field call was. Nice throw by Marcus Johnson.

Linebackers - Malik had a quiet game but there was some evidence of him playing his gaps better. I don't know why they run him directly into the wash so much; I guess trying to keep single blocking up and down the line but it's a waste of his ability. Wheeler did some things. Even Tim Cole made a play or two, specifically forcing the intentional grounding.

Perkins out - Means big Tristan Nickelson got reps. Not sure how long Perkins is out.

I'm off to the gym to be passive aggressive weight slamming jerk. FTS.

Holding on Doyle negates good run. Questionable call.

Long arm of the law almost got there. Omenihu does well to dip. Good flexibility for his height. Has to pla...

No hold on Shiro (the obvious penalty), roughing on Boyette. They're two feet away from each other. Negates...

They called holding on this. Anybody have a clue here? No official call "mic was out."

Announcers: "We're having a hard time finding the hold," and "I didn't see any holding on that play." You c...

Referee has to be more alert, he could have caught that and ran it in.

Reverend Holton Heat's pick six. These freshmen DB's are on the level of the '08 group.

Watch Naashon Hughes. H/T to @CoachPurl SMH

And of course, the most corrupt call of the night, HOLDING on Ford.

Amazing conclusion drawn here.