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Dec 19, 2011
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In perusing sophomore film from rising juniors, I've come across some players who need more mention, like Tanner McCalister from Rockwall-Heath. Chad Bailey from Fort Bend Ridge Point is another such player, even though he's already listed as a composite four-star.

Ridge Point should be familiar to Texas fans and recruiting fans in general. Its the school who gave UT Cameron Townsend in the 2015 class. It's also the school who houses 2018 all-everything tight end, Mustapha Muhammad, and the very underrated 2017 cornerback Terry Petry, a Houston commit.

For Bailey, recruiting looks to be on the verge of picking up rapidly, though in talking to him, he doesn't seem all that concerned with it yet.

Inside Texas: You attended UTL, right? How did that go?

Chad Bailey: Yes I went to the Under the Lights camp. It was cool, I really liked the linebackers coach (Brian Jean-Mary) and plus I liked seeing my old teammate Cameron Townsend. I also talked to Anthony Wheeler some. He's a nice guy.

IT: What did Coach BJ have to say?

CB: He said they're close to offering. They didn't want to offer at camp, they want to see me in pads and he told me to just do my thing. I'm not in a rush to get any offers, I just want to enjoy my experience in high school.

IT: That's a mature way to look at it.

CB: I text with CT (Cameron Townsend) a few times a week and he just tells me to be patient and they'll come. He gives me a lot of good advice.

IT: You're 2018 and he's 2015, did you overlap time on varsity?

CB: Almost, well a little bit. My freshman year they asked me to play linebacker with Cam but my mom preferred I played freshman ball. So I played freshman and then got moved up to varsity for the playoffs.

IT: What other schools besides Texas are you hearing from?

CB: I heard from LSU today actually (Wednesday). I also hear from Cincinnati, OU, UofH, and I have offers from SMU and UTSA. SMU likes me a lot and I talk to them often. I was supposed to visit them this Summer the week before UTL but went to UofH instead.

IT: That's a nice start to the process. What did LSU tell you?

CB: They said they're really excited to get me there on a visit and build a relationship with me and my family. I asked if they're on the verge of offering me and they said yes, it should be sometime this year. I'm kind of excited because I have a lot of family in Louisiana and that's where they want me to go.

IT: What have you heard from Oklahoma?

CB: Oklahoma came right before school ended last year and told my coaches they're going to watch me some more and that they've noticed me since the first game of my sophomore year. They just want to see what I can do and if I go there they'll find me the right spot. I like that they'll let me start outside and if that doesn't work I'll go inside.

IT: Schools are mostly looking at you for inside 'backer I assume?

CB: Yes, a lot of schools want me to play inside. I prefer outside but I know I need to get taller. If all schools want me to play Mike that's what I'll do.

IT: There are a lot of damn good football players who are 6-foot-0.

CB: I appreciate that.

IT: What's your exact size and weight room and speed numbers?

CB: I'm 6-foot-0, 230 pounds. My 40 is 4.65. I bench 330, incline 295, squat 510, and power clean 275.

IT: That'll work. Appreciate your time, buddy. We'll be in touch.

CB: Yes sir, thank you.

I know he wants to play outside, but not only is his build that of an inside player, so too is his skill-set once he's maximized. Don't get me wrong, he's a great outside linebacker in high school and could play there in college depending on where he goes, but with the traits he displays in that role it only tantalizes his ability as an inside linebacker that much more. He's good laterally, doesn't let blockers get to his legs, doesn't stay blocked long, is a striker, has good closing speed, and owns a good downhill step. That's pretty much how you draw up a Mike.

Bailey says his goal is to play in the NFL - almost every kid has the same goal - but there's a certain focus and determination in his voice when he says it. He's going to be an interesting player to watch, for this year and perhaps for many, many years to come.


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Dec 3, 2012
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Good stuff,E. Bailey reads as a damn good interview which is impressive for a HS junior. The LSU/family part stood out to me. I hope this doesn't come off as tasteless or shallow to anyone but LSU may be the only entity that has reaped any kind of benefit from Katrina.


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Jan 24, 2012
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Damn, 6'0 230 as a rising junior. Built like Fowler I assume. I'll be interested to see his shuttle time when he starts doing camps.


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Feb 7, 2015
I don't watch many cruits sophomore film, but this kid has a motor. I dig it.