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Dec 19, 2011
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Feel sorry for 5A programs who have to deal with the 6A relegated Manvel Mavericks this season. Had Manvel not run into powerful Katy squads in back-to-back years, Coach Kirk Martin might have a trophy or two on the shelf.

Different classification, same Manvel despite losing some serious FBS talent last year. Manvel, like their Friday opponent North Shore, have baseline athleticism that most schools only dream of. Even when their aren't a lot of highly skilled athletes, their average athlete is much better than their opponents. We also see this at schools like Cedar Hill and Desoto.

Of course, Manvel still has skill, personified in 2018 receiving duo Jalen Preston and Kam Scott. Preston, a near 5-star, is a household name to recruitniks of both football and basketball. He had an extremely quiet night which provided Scott with more opportunities. Opportunities he took advantage of.

Manvel came back to beat the defending state champs, in large part thanks to Scott's ability to move the chains or hit the big play. He has an easy athleticism and effortless gait. For his size (6-foot-2), he has the slipperiness you see with sub 6-footers. He also plays with max effort which you like to see out of a wide receiver.

I quipped to EJ Holland that Scott is the type of kid who goes to Tech or somewhere like that and tears it up. I likely undersold Scott's offer potential but the point remains; he's a skilled player with a nice ceiling who may be overlooked because of Preston.

As for Preston, he was limited to one catch for a one-yard loss on the night. Despite that, it's still easy to see he's a tightly wound athlete capable of explosive movements on short notice. He's densely built and will become quite powerful in the traffic you often find in the screen game.

I briefly caught up with each after Manvel's third straight win over North Shore.


Inside Texas: Have you been hearing from Texas at all?

Kam Scott: Yessir, when I went to their camp they talked to me and said they'd be watching me this year.

IT: What other schools are you hearing from?

KS: LSU and Bowling Green.

IT: Bowling Green offered, right?

KS: Yessir.

IT: Good offense for you, lots of vertical routes. What camps did you hit this Summer?

KS: I hit LSU, UT of course, and the Nike Regionals. That was really it.

IT: What about visits for games? Any plans there?

KS: Yessir, I'm supposed to go to UofH on Saturday (interview was conducted last Thursday).

IT: Awesome, that'll be a great game. We'll be in touch; thanks for your time.

KS: No problem, thank you.


On visiting Texas for Notre Dame:

"That's my first trip over there, I basically just want to meet the new receiving coach (Charlie Williams) and look at the game. It's going to be a good game."

On what he likes about Texas:
"There's a lot about Texas I like. From the fan base, the coaches, and now the coaches can contact me now it's pretty good.....they just told me hope to see you at the game on Sunday and I told them I'd be there."

On other schools who have reached out to him since contact was allowed:
"I can't even...it's been a bunch!"

On other schools he'll visit:
"I want to visit Houston, LSU, Oklahoma, I want to go to Baylor. That's just right now. There's a lot of schools I want to visit."

On who is contacting him the most:
"Contacting me the most? Oklahoma."

Preston would also go on to say he could have had a better game, notably he needed to present a better target for his quarterback, Kason Martin, Coach Martin's son. He also sang the praises of North Shore cornerback, Keiston Roach, the brother of Longhorns basketball player Kerwin Roach.

Apparently Preston doesn't understand as a high profile receiver he's supposed to tell his quarterback he's always open and tell the man across from him nobody can lock him down. That's sarcasm of course, and indicative of Preston having his head on straight. When you mix his natural talent with that mindset the sky is the limit. Actually, judging by his hoops highlights, that might not be high enough either.

As Manvel looks to replace a boatload of departed senior talent, it looks to be in good hands with these two juniors. I'm sure I'll be seeing them again in December.

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Jalen Preston looks like Kerwin Roach with a better jumper on the basketball court.