Josh McCulloch now receiving his own attention


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Feb 11, 2013
2018 Aldine Davis OL Josh McCulloch has first-hand experience with the recruiting process from watching his older brother and Texas LB Jeffrey McCulloch go through it two years ago. McCulloch learned a lot from that experience, including some of the bad side of recruiting.

“What I learned the most is that it’s an ugly business to be honest,” You become successful and, sad to say, some of your peers become a little jealous of you sometimes. That’s a test to show how much tunnel vision you’ve got. Just stay focused on you and try to get to the next level. Long story short, it taught me to focus on me the most.”

McCulloch has focused on his game. He has been to many of these camps over the past couple of years, and each time he performs very well. Now, he is starting to grow into his 6-foot-3, 300-pound body a little bit more. He still needs some work in a college strength and conditioning room, but there is a solid foundation there.

Josh, like Jeffrey, places academics very high on his list of priorities.

“My mom always told me sports are going to end at some time, no matter what,” McCulloch said. "What’s after that? Stanford is automatically high on my list because of the academic program. So is Duke and Northwestern. They’re all very high on my list so far just because of academics.”

McCulloch currently is without any offers at the moment, but the schools he is interested in are evidence of the importance of academics. He said Texas, Stanford, Duke and Northwestern are all schools he is interested in and receiving some interest from. He said he’s also hearing from LSU, Texas State, and UL-Lafayette.

As far as the next step it’s all football for McCulloch.

“I’m just focusing on spring football right now,” McCulloch said. “I’m going to reel in some more offers hopefully. I’m just ready for spring ball, and we’ll see what happens after that.”