Kirk Ciarrocca signs on as an analyst with Neal Brown at West Virginia

Ian Boyd

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Jan 14, 2014
Ypsilanti, MI
Former boating enthusiast and Penn State offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca joined the Big 12:

Ciarrocca was P.J. Fleck's offensive coordinator at Western Michigan and Minnesota before taking the Penn State job last season. His offenses were notable for their extremely heavy use of RPOs and relatively simple inside/outside zone run schemes. They struggled with his offense last season at State College coming off the pandemic offseason and Ciarrocca was replaced by Mike Yurcich when Texas fired the former Oklahoma State offensive coordinator.

Ciarrocca will only be an analyst initially at West Virginia but they are already a RPO-heavy team who also runs inside/outside zone as the foundational piece of their scheme. It makes a good deal of sense for him to be working with Neal Brown, to be at West Virginia within range of his normal Rust Belt haunts, and to be in the RPO-centric Big 12.

Given the fit I wouldn't be shocked if he ends up taking a coordinator job with West Virginia in the future, otherwise perhaps he moves on in a year for a new job elsewhere.


Member Who Talks (A Lot!)
Aug 22, 2013
Great get for Brown. He was a hot name before he went to Penn State and all his dudes opted out while he tried to put in his offense with no practices.