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Aug 8, 2008
Austin, Tex.
Hey folks. Thanks for being a member of the Inside Texas community. Michael and I really appreciate everyone's participation.

The following rules extend to all forums here at Inside Texas (see the Politics board for rules specific to that forum):

*We expect civility in the conversations.That means be respectful towards other posters. Disagree with opinions all you want, but do not resort to name-calling (and that includes addressing people by an unflattering derivative of their username), personal attacks, the use of profanity, etc. If you believe a post violates this policy, DO NOT RESPOND on the board. Please send a PM to a board moderator or administrator. (Any similar abuses of the Private Message system are also subject to disciplinary action.)

*No flames from non-UT fans. Any post that is deemed to be a flame (at the discretion of the administrator or a moderator) will be removed and the poster responsible will be immediately banned. In other words, if your purpose here is to annoy Longhorn fans with your comments, you will quickly be shown the door. (Note: this is a Longhorn board and Longhorn fans will be given leeway that fans of other schools are not.)

*No posts or usernames containing a derogatory reference to The University of Texas (tu,shorthorns, texass, whorns, etc.) or one of its players. Any such post will be removed and the poster responsible will be immediately banned.

*No posting of entire articles or of photos from other websites. Excerpting from articles is allowed, but you must provide attribution information as well as a link back to the article at its originating website. If you have a photo you would like others on the board to see, provide a link to the photo at its originating website.

*No ticket solicitations.

*No spam.

If you have any questions about this policy, please send me a PM or an email at

Not open for further replies.