Recruiting: Andress S Jeremiah Cooper talks surging recruitment


Member Who Talks (A Lot!)
Apr 3, 2017
February has been a whirlwind for 2022 El Paso Andress safety Jeremiah Cooper. The Sun City native has seen his stock dramatically increase over the past few weeks, picking up offers from Boston College, Baylor, and SMU.

Cooper has flown under the radar a bit due to El Paso’s delayed football start date and the unfortunate cancellations and forfeits that plagued the Andress 2020 Football season. Even though the Golden Eagles won every game on the field, due to the strict protocols from El Paso ISD and the City of El Paso Andress had to forfeit its 1st round playoff game vs. Canutillo.

Jeremiah still made the most of his limited action accounting for nearly 37% of Andress’ total touchdowns, plus recording 28 tackles and 5 interceptions in those 5 regular season games.

Inside Texas recently caught up with the versatile athlete from the 915.

Inside Texas: I joked with a friend that by the time I got on the phone with you, you’d pick up another offer and it literally happened this morning with Utah State jumping in. Your recruitment is clearly picking up, how are you feeling?

Jeremiah Cooper: “It’s definitely picking up. I got off the phone with Vanderbilt just now, they’re supposed to watch my film as a staff today and they say that they really like me as a player. I’m talking to coaches every day and I’m not going to lie it feels good, not a lot of players get to have this experience.

IT: You just mentioned Vanderbilt, are there any other schools in contact with you that haven’t offered yet?

JC: Yes sir, actually Notre Dame. We’re still developing a relationship and I’m sending them a ton of workout videos. Their DB coach really likes me.

IT: What’s the feedback you’ve gotten from colleges about the COVID shortened 5 game regular season for Andress? Were any coaches unaware of how few games you played due to the El Paso restrictions?

JC: I have it in my HUDL name so I think every college knows, but I didn’t get a chance to play a lot of schools this season in non-district and district. Burges has (2022 4 star RB) Tavorus Jones and I would have loved to play against him.

IT: In addition to the shortened regular season, your 1st round playoff game vs. Canutillo ended up as a forfeit as well. How did missing that playoff experience after an undefeated regular season feel?

JC: We all wanted to play Canutillo because the previous year they knocked us out of the first round. We were ready for that game and extremely motivated to play them. So when we got word that it was going to be a forfeit loss the first thing I thought about was how terribly sad it was for the seniors.

IT: An interesting element to your recruitment is that you have D1 pedigree from your Dad, Michael, who played at UNT and your brother Tristian who just finished his career as a safety at Arizona. What have they helped you the most with as a player and navigating the recruiting process?

JC: My Dad taught me and my brother everything we know. He has been going over DB techniques and fundamentals with us since we were kids. My brother also has taught me a lot of what he learned at Arizona over the last 4 years. I definitely have to give them both a ton of props. As far as the recruiting process goes, they always reiterate that I have to stay humble and keep working. They’re not going to let it get to my head.

IT: Three of your first four offers were from Ivy League schools, and you currently have a 3.5 GPA. How will a school’s academic pitch play a role in your decision?

JC: It will definitely play a role. I really value my education, but the football fit has to be there.

IT: Any idea on a major?

JC: I’m not 100% certain, but right now I’m leaning towards business.

IT: What are your thoughts on the NCAA pushing back the dead period? Do you and your family have a game plan to choose a school without being able to potentially visit the football facilities and meet face-to-face with coaches until late in the cycle?

JC: Yeah it’s really tough. Visits are going to play a big role, but for now I have to control what I can control and just do as much research as possible. With all the great relationships I have with coaches recruiting me, visits are going to really help me figure out what feels like home and I’m really hoping to be able to take them in the fall.

IT: I know Texas safeties Blake Gideon just followed you on Twitter in addition to TE/ST coach Jeff Banks, what are your thoughts on the Longhorns and the new staff in Austin?

JC: I would love to go to Texas. They are one of the iconic programs in the nation, and they’re in Austin. I would love to end up in Austin.

IT: How much is location going to factor into your final decision?

JC: I’ve been talking with my parents about this and they’re going to let me choose the school whether it’s close or far away. If it is a school that’s far from El Paso, they’re comfortable hopping on a plane to head to games. At the end of the day the most important thing for us will be how I fit in that program and academics.

IT: What’s the feedback been from coaches about your scheme fit in college?

JC: Almost every coach I’ve talked to said they’re comfortable with me playing corner, nickel, or safety. I’m definitely down to play run support in the box. I’ll go hit somebody for sure. I feel comfortable playing wherever they want me, and that’s what I’ve told coaches.

IT: Thanks for your time Jeremiah, good luck in your basketball playoff game coming up. (Andress won 79-72 and advanced to the 3rd round of the 5A playoffs last night)

Notre Dame’s interest confirms a lot of the hunches most of the prospect hounds on Inside Texas have had about Jeremiah’s ability. Speaking of said prospect hounds, I asked one of the best evaluators on IT for his help breaking down what Jeremiah Cooper does best.

@matt103455 eval: Really physical for a kid listed at 170 pounds. As soon as he diagnoses the action he’s an absolute missile going to make the play. He’ll have to learn to break down more at the next level, but I’d rather a kid be too aggressive than not enough. His offensive plays give a good idea of his COD. His sister is a college athlete and brother was a productive player for Arizona. Someone is going to get highly productive NB/S who can play on STs early. Don’t be surprised if he’s All-Conference somewhere down the road.

Wabash eval: Cooper’s best attribute is his ability to close down space at 100 MPH. Whether it’s diagnosing a crosser and blowing it up or beating a RB to the edge, Jeremiah’s knack for charging in from center field gives him a very high floor. His ability to make plays on offense and the variety of defensive plays made on his HUDL show off his versatility, likely going to be able to play both safety spots or nickel. Off the field academic success clearly translates to on the field comprehension ability for Cooper, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if I read an article from The Athletic in 3 years talking about Jeremiah as the “QB” of whatever defense he plays for. I would love to see verified times to check his speed/athleticism, but he looks plenty fast and agile on tape so as of right now there is no issue with me. If he tests well over the spring and summer this will be a nationally contested recruitment.