Recruiting Notebook: Spencer Sanders, Keondre Coburn, Charleston Rambo

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Dec 19, 2011
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This week's Notebook profiles a gunslinger from North Texas, a d-lineman from North Houston, and we finish back with a WR from the Metroplex that could still be within UT's sights.

Spencer Sanders, QB - Denton Ryan (2018):

How he fits at Texas: Sanders is an ideal fit for the veer and shoot, he reminds me a great deal of Seth Russell in that his greatest strengths are leading his receivers on deep lobs and running the ball himself. He runs a comparable system at Denton Ryan that regularly asks him to read the leverage of deep, cover 4 safeties and then take deep shots, a skill that translates directly to operating the veer and shoot. His highlight film also includes examples of Sanders hitting some tight windows on throws out to the numbers, some of which seem ill-advised but that ability is a precious one in any system. These are the exact traits you want for this offense, Sanders should be a top 2018 target for Gilbert. - Ian Boyd

Coach Says: There’s a lot to like about Sanders’ game. He’s a cool customer in the pocket, he can put good zip on the ball when it requires it, he has good enough arm strength to push the ball vertically up the field, he seems to have a good grasp of where to go with the ball, as he gets it up and out fairly quickly, and he has decent athleticism that allows him to hurt defenses with his feet. I wouldn’t call him dynamic by any stretch, but he has a little bit of wiggle to make guys miss when he pulls the ball down and he doesn’t shy away from contact when used on designed QB runs. Overall, his game is really smooth and he is probably the best in-state quarterback for the 2018 class I’ve put eyes on so far. I wouldn't be surprised if he isn’t one of the guys who gets highly considered for an offer somewhere down the line.

Keondre Coburn, DL - Spring Westfield (2018)

How he fits at Texas: Coburn's Sparq numbers suggest a big, slow kid whose high school success is largely the product of just being too big for other teenagers to handle...but his film says something entirely different. Coburn is good with his hands, regularly uses good technique to get off blocks, and has a good motor if not an abundance of fast-twitch explosiveness. This kid is only going to continue to learn how to leverage his strength and heavy hands and over time might become a college nose tackle that people just can't keep blocked. - IB

Coach says: One thing you can take to the bank about a defensive linemen coming out of the Westfield pipeline is that he is going to be coached well. They churn out d-linemen year in and year out and they're heading to FBS level schools to play their college ball and that’s not by accident. The fact that offenses had to scheme a way to block Coburn and his former teammate Ed Oliver is absolutely criminal. Coburn is a guy who is going to anchor a line at the nose and eat up a guard and a center or else he is going to stack guys up into the backfield. He and Oliver complemented each other perfectly, and he wasn’t just making plays because he was lined up next to a 5-star either. For a guy his size, he moves very well and he hustles to the ball and finds his way into the frame in pursuit. Texas hasn’t been able to get into Westfield since Tank Jackson, but getting in on Coburn could be its way back into the very talented program.

Charleston Rambo - WR, Cedar Hill (2017, OU commit)

How he fits at Texas: Rambo is a great name for a football player, though you probably would probably confer it on a savage linebacker and not a slight, ultra-smooth receiver. This Rambo is a very promising receiver prospect who's very quick and nimble with his first few steps, which makes him very effective running a decent variety of routes and also at picking his way through traffic after the catch. He projects inside or outside for Texas and could move back and forth to seek out match-ups if he gains strength, speed, and route running like he seems likely to do. - IB

Coach says: The more I watch this kid, the more I like him, and I already liked him plenty as is. He’s a smooth route runner, he runs right by you since he possesses good speed and acceleration, he can make you miss in space, he gets plenty of YAC, and most importantly he uses his hands well. Earlier on in the recruiting process, it seemed that Rambo’s teammate Cam Buckley was going to be the stud receiver of the group, but in my opinion Rambo has clearly separated himself as the best receiver at Cedar Hill.

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