Taking a look at Stafford pass rusher Kameron Hill

Eric Nahlin

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Dec 19, 2011
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It's that time of year when recruits either realize their dreams of playing big-time D1 football, or are made to go a different route to continue playing a sport they love. Academics and post-football career opportunities also play a role in the decision, and because of that, Stafford's Kameron Hill is in a fortuitous spot already holding offers from Air Force and Cornell.

Offer lists can often be as telling as tape. With offers from a military academy as well as Andy Bernard's alma mater, we can tell Hill puts a priority on learning. Combine that with tape that shows a good motor off the edge and ability to routinely take a direct path to the quarterback and it's not hard to see the 6-foot-2, 225 pounder maximizing over the next 4-5 years.

But alas, there are questions as well, mainly size. Hill isn't the prototypical 6-4, 240 pounder, and may actually project to LB rather than the DL. He may also be a sub-package rusher from the edge depending on scheme.

Personally, I see a player who should have more offers, especially from the academically inclined institutions who have a harder time ID'ing candidates who meet all their criteria.

Kameron Hill
6-foot-2, 225 pounds
3.6 GPA (unweighted)
Squat: 500
Bench: 315

Strengths: Motor; effort; low around the corner as a rusher; plays strong for his size versus the run thanks to leverage and using arms to keep o-linemen at distance; if he can't get to the passer he gets his hands up to deflect; reads run keys well

Weaknesses: Size; could be more explosive off the ball

Hill is already on a good path, but let's see if some more options arise over the next month. Good luck, Kameron.