Tech offers MVP Juco QB

Justin Wells

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Jul 22, 2013
Former Gilmer QB and Tyler JC conference MVP McLane Carter has been offered by Texas Tech.

Carter, now up to 6'4, 222, was very under-recruited after leading the Buckeyes to a 4A state title and one of the highest scoring offenses in HS FB history.

He's a 3-for-3 guy. That tells me Kliff knows PM2 is gone also.

Ian Boyd

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Jan 14, 2014
Ypsilanti, MI
I liked this kid at Gilmer but if you go back and watch his high school film, he was usually throwing the ball to spots. He was great at leading receivers but he didn't throw with a ton of zip, and while he was fairly quick Jeff Traylor would always sub in Blake Lynch for McLane when they wanted to run the QB.

Now he can throw the ball with real zip and hit windows down the field. He's even faster and more mobile then he was before. Must have been something of a late bloomer. This is the kind of kid I'll never understand Charlie not taking in years one or two at Texas so that his job wouldn't hinge on the performance of a true freshman in 2016.

Anyways, I like Shimonek okay but I think Carter is probably better. Duffey has more upside but I don't know if he's ready to take over there and there are rumors now that he's transferring out.


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Mar 16, 2012
Could be wrong but I believe he is a half brother to G.J. Kinne