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Feb 11, 2013
We're going to start keeping tabs on players within the Flyover Footprint who end up in the NCAA Transfer Portal.

There have been some big names in there since December started, including Baylor's Charlie Brewer, Texas' Ja'Quinden Jackson, Kansas' Andrew Parchment, and Oklahoma State's Jelani Woods.

More will always show up. We'll track them here.

Since 12/1



Ja'Quinden Jackson, quarterback. 4**** > UTAH
Xavion Alford, safety, 4**** > USC
Daniel Carson, defensive tackle, 3*** > WESTERN ILLINOIS
Keaontay Ingram, running back, 4**** > USC
Reese Moore, offensive line, 4****
Willie Tyler, offensive line, 3***
Rob Cummins, defensive line, 3***
Ayodele Adeoye, linebacker, 4****
Byron Vaughns, linebacker, 3*** > UTAH STATE
Jalen Green, cornerback, 4**** > MISSISSIPPI STATE

Darion Dunn, cornerback. 0**** < McNeese State
Rahsaan Thornton, edge. 4**** < LSU


Charlie Brewer, quarterback, 3*** > UTAH
John Lovett, running back, 3*** > PENN STATE
Logan Compton, tight end, 3***
Yusuf Terry, wide receiver, 3***
James Sylvester, defensive end, 3***
Davis DiVall, offensive line, 3*** > ARIZONA
Solomon Turner, linebacker, 3*** > HAWAII

Jake Burton, offensive line, 3*** < UCLA
Grant Miller, offensive line, 3*** < VANDERBILT
Siaki Ika, defensive lineman, 4**** < LSU



Eli Williams, quarterback, 3***
Te’Vailance Hunt, wide receiver, 4**** > ARKANSAS STATE
Tony Wallace, cornerback, 3***
John Stephens, wide receiver, 3*** > LOUISIANA
Dylan Thomas, wide receiver, 3*** > NORTHERN COLORADO
Al’Dontre Davis, wide receiver, 3*** > NICHOLLS STATE
Kelton Hollins, offensive lineman, 3***
Quazzel White, offensive lineman, 3*** > UTAH STATE
Benjamin Wilson, linebacker, 3*** > WASHINGTON STATE
Atanza Vongor, defensive back, 4****
Stephon Brown, quarterback, 3***
Brandon Bowen, defensive line, 4****
Demauryon Holmes, safety, 3***

Chandler Morris, quarterback, 3*** < OKLAHOMA
Obinna Eze, offensive tackle, 4**** < MEMPHIS
T.J. Carter, defensive back, 3*** < MEMPHIS
Kenny Turnier, defensive line, 3*** < UCF

Texas Tech


Kesean Carter, wide receiver, 3*** > HOUSTON
Alex Hogan, defensive back, 3*** > HOUSTON
Nicholas McCann, defensive lineman, 3*** > TEXAS STATE
Cody Waddell, punter, walk-on
Kevin Terry, wide receiver, walk-on
Simon Gonzalez, tight end, 3*** > SMU
Will Farrar, offensive line, 3***
Xavier Benson, linebacker, 3***
John Davis, cornerback, 3*** > NORTH TEXAS
Chance Cover, linebacker, 3***
Alan Bowman, quarterback, 3***

Jesiah Pierre, linebacker, 3*** < FLORIDA
Marquis Waters, safety, 3*** < DUKE
Malik Dunlap, cornerback, 3*** < NC STATE



Tanner Mordecai, quarterback, 4**** > SMU
TJ Pledger, running back, 4**** > UTAH
Finn Corwin, wide receiver, walk-on
Stephen Johnson, kicker, walk-on
Jalin Conyers, tight end, 4**** > ARIZONA STATE
Chandler Morris, quarterback, 3*** > TCU
Robert Barnes, S/LB, 4**** > COLORADO
Charleston Rambo, wide receiver, 4**** > MIAMI (FL)
Grant Calcaterra, tight end, 4**** > SMU
Dane Saltarelli, tight end, 2** > WESTERN KENTUCKY
EJ Ndoma-Ogar, offensive line, 4**** > MISSOURI
Zacchaeus McKinney, defensive line, 3*** > HAWAII
Ryan Jones, linebacker, 4**** > EAST CAROLINA
Jon-Michael Terry, linebacker, 3*** > TULSA

Micah Bowens, quarterback, 3*** < PENN STATE
Wanya Morris, offensive lineman, 5***** < TENNESSEE
Robert Congel, offensive lineman, 0* < ARIZONA
Keshawn Lawrence, safety, 4**** < TENNESSEE

Oklahoma State


Jelani Woods, tight end, 3*** > VIRGINIA
Trent Pullen, offensive linemen, 3***
Carson Kropp, linebacker, 2**
Schyler Adair, running back, walk-on
Shaun Taylor, quarterback, walk-on
Micah Cooper, running back, walk-on
Landon Wolf, wide receiver, 3***
Dee Anderson, wide receiver, 4****
Deondrick Glass, running back, 4****
Bryce Bray, offensive lineman, 3*** > TULSA
Jacob Farrell, offensive lineman, 3*** > NORTH TEXAS
Amadou Fofana, defensive line, 3***

Danny Godlevske, center, 3*** < MIAMI (OH)
Jaylen Warren, running back, 3*** < UTAH STATE
Davontavean Martin, wide receiver, 3*** < WASHINGTON STATE
Chandler Anthony, offensive lineman, 2** < NORTH TEXAS

West Virginia


Quay Mays, defensive tackle, 3***
Freddie Brown, wide receiver, walk-on
Jackson Knipper, fullback, walk-on
Trent Jackson, quarterback, walk-on
Austin Kendall, quarterback, 4****
Lorenzo Dorr, running back, walk-on
Keion Wakefield, wide receiver, 3***
Ali Jennings, wide receiver, 3***
Zack Dobson, wide receiver, 3***
Junior Uzebu, offensive lineman, 3*** > VANDERBILT
Charlie Benton, linebacker, 3*** > UAB
Tavion Mayo, cornerback, 3***

Doug Nester, offensive lineman, 4**** < VIRGINIA TECH

Iowa State


Latrell Bankston, defensive tackle, 3*** > HOUSTON
Devin Larsen, quarterback, 2**
Ryan Pritchard, wide receiver, walk-on
Skylar Loving-Black, tight end, 3***
Johnnie Lang, running back, 3***
Joshua Bailey, defensive tackle, 3***
Arnold Azunna, safety, 3***



Andrew Parchment, wide receiver, 3*** > FLORIDA STATE
Stephon Robinson Jr., wide receiver, 3*** > NORTHWESTERN
Davon Ferguson, safety, 3***
Denzel Feaster, linebacker, 2** > UTSA
Kyle Mayberry, cornerback, 3*** > UTAH STATE
Apinero Mane, offensive lineman, walk-on
Ezra Naylor, wide receiver, 3***
Clinton Anokwuru, defensive end, 3*** > LOUISIANA
Julian Chandler, safety, 2**
Hunter Kaufman, wide receiver, 2**
James Sosinski, tight end, 2**
Kyle Thompson, punter, walk-on
Jack Luavasa, tight end, 2**
Elijah Jones, cornerback, 3*** > OREGON STATE
Corione Harris, cornerback, 4**** > MCNEESE STATE
Jalan Robinson, offensive tackle, 3***
Antoine Frazier, offensive lineman, 3*** > NORTHERN IOWA
Isaiah Bean, defensive line, 3***

Kansas State


Lance Robinson Jr., cornerback, 3***
Nick Ast, quarterback, walk-on
Wykeen Gill Jr., wide receiver, walk-on
Bart Harris, quarterback, walk-on
Terrence Collins, defensive back, walk-on
Thomas Grayson, running back, 3***
Josh Youngblood, wide receiver, 3*** > RUTGERS
Matthew Pola-Mao, defensive tackle, 3***
Ronald Triplette, defensive line, 3*** > UTSA
Tyrone Lewis, safety, 3*** > LOUISIANA
Jonathan Alexander, safety, 3*** > CHARLOTTE

Russ Yeast, safety, 4**** < LOUISVILLE
Eric Munoz, linebacker, 0* < UTAH STATE
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Geoff Eneman

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Nov 17, 2015
Monroe, LA formerly of Longview, TX
Mordecai to SMU sure made a lot of sense. A lot more since than JQJ to SMU, probably why it actually happened when JQJ did not.

I imagine Garrett Riley had the inside track there for obvious reasons and knows what he's getting.
I'm slightly surprised that Riley hasn't gone to a bigger job. It's still early in the coaching movement season so it could change, but I assumed his name would be thrown around more.

Ian Boyd

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Jan 14, 2014
Ypsilanti, MI
I'm slightly surprised that Riley hasn't gone to a bigger job. It's still early in the coaching movement season so it could change, but I assumed his name would be thrown around more.
He doesn't have much of a resume yet. One year with Shane Buechele where they hoped to win the AAC and finished behind Tulsa in their division while getting whooped by Cincy.


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Aug 15, 2016
Woof if you can't play at Kansas where are your transferring. K. Carter from ten can play will be intersting to see where he ends up


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Oct 2, 2019
Jaylin Conyers just entered the portal for OU
He is super duper talented and I would love him at UT. Our TE is kinda stacked right but I think he could be the best after the catch of any of those guys. Maybe pretty comfortably he has really good long speed
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Ian Boyd

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Jan 14, 2014
Ypsilanti, MI
Russ Yeast of Louisville joins Kansas State. He’ll be a third year starter next season if he wins a job with the Wildcats.