Thoughts on new Rivals 100 rankings (Texas players)


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Jan 24, 2012
They chose Jaylon Jackson who will miss his senior year over Reagor, huh.
Let's be honest. Mond is a better prospect than the rest of the Texas qb's. Eno is top 250 if he's extremely lucky. Shavers, carter, and Miller being behind any skill guy save for maybe dobbins Or manning is a joke.

These dudes are ****in bad at their jobs
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Dec 12, 2012
Inner Loop, HTX
State rankings:

1) Marvin Wilson
2) Baron Browning
3) Jeffrey Okudah
4) Walker Little
5) Austin Deculus
6) Brock Wright
7) JK Dobbins
8) Tyrese Robinson
9) Chris Robison
10) Chevin Calloway
* ) Grand Delpit
11) Sam Ehlinger
*) Kellen Mond
12) Eno Benjamin
13) Shawn Robinson
*) Jhamon Ausbon
14) Chuck Filiaga
15) Hezekiah Jones
16) Wes Harris
17) Derrick Tucker
18) Cedarian Lamb
19) Charleston Rambo
20) Omar Manning
21) LaGaryonn Carson
22) Robert Barnes
23) Tyrell Shavers
24) Toenail Carter
25) Damion Miller
26) Jack Anderson
27) Anthony Hines
28) Jaylon Jackson
29) Grayson Reed

* means IMG players who are from Texas

No Chaisson, Vincent or Reagor is a bad look, imo. So is Hines being the #27 ranked player in the state.
Rambo ranked in front of Manning, Shavers and Miller is laughable. Rivals does know how to sh*t the bed.