Two Kentucky prospects drawing interest from Big 12 schools


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Feb 11, 2013
My Kentucky travels not only introduced me to Dane Key, but also to two other 2022 prospects from Lexington’s Frederick Douglass High School in defensive back Ty Bryant and quarterback Samuel Cornett.

Bryant, like Key, is also a UK legacy. But though he lives down the road from where his father played football, Bryant wants to blaze his own trail. Two options for his future include Big 12 schools Kansas and West Virginia.

“The Big 12, I feel like it’s a great conference,” Bryant said. “It’s a conference that throws the ball a lot. Me being in the secondary, that’s a chance for me to get interceptions, so I love that.”

He watched Oklahoma football games growing up and came away impressed. Now some of the teams Oklahoma competes with week-in and week-out are vying for Bryant’s services.

One recent offer came from Kansas, with defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot giving Bryant the call. Bryant noted it was an “exciting feeling” to know that a national champion head coach in Les Miles wanted him to be a part of their program.

“Their message to me was to try and build something special,” Bryant said. “This year wasn’t really a great year for them, so they’re really just talking about coming in and being different and trying to build something great in Kansas.”

In addition, West Virginia offered Bryant over the summer and is a school he is considering. Mountaineer OC Gerad Parker and safeties coach Dontae Wright keep contact with the future defensive back.

What are Bryant’s strengths? He has many according to FDHS head coach Nathan McPeek, but one facet stands out.

“This will be my 18th year coming up, and he is one of the best open field tacklers I’ve ever seen,” McPeek said. “His technique is so good. He is such an instinctive player on the football field. He sees stuff that you can’t coach. He’s a really good athlete.”

Bryant is also hearing from Cincinnati, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Maryland, with Duke, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, and Virginia reaching out as well.

While Bryant leads the FDHS defense, Cornett leads the offense.

Cornett moved to Lexington prior to the most recent season from Sammamish, Wash., just outside of Seattle. In his first season under center in Kentucky, the 6-7 quarterback completed 66 percent of his passes and threw 26 touchdowns to 6 interceptions.

“He’s got a cannon for an arm and he’s going to continue to get better,” McPeek said. “He did a really good job for us. He’s never played with speed like we have and the players that we have.”

Cornett doesn’t have any statistical aspirations. He only cares about the number in the win column. He wants to bring hardware to the growing program in Lexington.

“Something that I’ve wanted to do my whole life is win a state championship,” Cornett said. “It’s been a long time coming for me, being everywhere that I’ve been. I think if I do what I need to do and my team does what we need to do, that we should come out of this year with a state championship. That’s definitely the expectation.”

A wide variety of schools have reached out to Cornett, but one Big 12 school in particular caught his eye in Texas Tech. Why? Because they throw the football, and that will remain true with new offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie.

“I just really like what they’ve got going on,” Cornett said. “From facilities to everything like that, I’ve just really like what they’ve got. I like the playbook. Everything about Texas Tech I really like.”

Cornett has built a relationship with TTU director of recruiting Preston Pehrson. He exchanges messages often and is learning about the Red Raiders. Cornett has also heard from Princeton, Oregon, Vanderbilt, Miami (OH), and Marshall.

Like countless prospects, both Bryant and Cornett are ready for camps to start up. They believe they will be able to boost their profile in front of media or college coaches whenever they can put their game on display in the camp setting.

Until then, the offseason has a singular focus best described by Cornett.

“My biggest goal is just to not lose another game while at Frederick Douglass,” he said.
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