Why doesn't Kansas run the option?

Ian Boyd

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Jan 14, 2014
Ypsilanti, MI
Ian, what are your thoughts on Liepold, both as a fit at Kansas, and his schemes/system generally?
Don’t know a ton about him, except they run the ball well and then land shots in play-action. Don’t know how they get there, I could look it up.


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Nov 6, 2016
Mark Mangino's path to success at Kansas was very much not the triple option, which makes you wonder if it's really necessary for the Jayhawks. On the other hand, being a consistently solid team with an identity who can give other B12 teams problems is a much higher level of program than the Jayhawks have been for most of my life.

If I'm not mistaken though, one of the big donors who makes their football program go was determined the job should go to Les Miles. What Kansas should or shouldn't consider a good path is almost irrelevant if they don't have open-minded football boosters.
I agree!! When briles turned around baylor it was on the identity of his unique offense, Campbell at iowa st is because of his unique identity on defense. Those were two big turn arounds and the common theme is doing something unique.