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Did you grow up in South Texas
? Anywhere near Gregory-Portland/Corpus Christi?
Down in the Valley. I was a young kid watching our Valley team play GP in the playoffs. Year after year they kicked us out of the playoffs. Marty was the best athlete on the field. I think Coach Royal called him on the best athletes he had seen
My step-brother from Bishop played him 3x. His senior year they played a fairly close one.

Of course, Calallen could get out of district because of Marty.

I received a notice yesterday stating that my courtesy subscription extension was about to expire

I actually was able to successfully renew my subscription on June 25th
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I've been trying to renew my subscription now for the past two weeks and the results never change. The system continues to reject every CC that I throw at it leaving me still in limbo

I still need assistance sorting this out. My "courtesy" extension expires on July 1st.
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Hey Dos...praying against fear this morning, especially for the boy...praying for simply divine healing for the leg...Blessings in His Name...
Something is wrong with my account and I cannot access the premium content. I have a monthly membership and I sent 2 messages on the “contact us” tab starting yesterday morning with no response. Will you pass this along please said to possibly look out for Yurlich from Ohio State...I think he would be great if he want to continue the same offense, but I thought Herman was toxic at Ohio State given the relationship between Herman and Meyer? Many thanks!
Hey, wish I could report I had a rig, but only have an old Brinkman charcoal vertical smoker. Moving in the military all the time kept our options limited. Plan is to get an offset wood/charcoal smoker. Thanks for any knowledge on your smoking methods.
Eric - I had an old credit card on file when my renewal came up. I tried to change the card, but it appears I just signed up again as I was charged $99.99 and later received a notice of my renewal at $69.99. Can you or Clendon look into this for me?

Micah Foster
POWs get "taken care of" by our services. If the member is able to and wishes to continue serving, they are allowed to. Glenn retired after 30 something years as a Chief Master Sergeant. He was part of the Berlin Air Lift, served during Korea and into Vietnam, but I can't tell you what jobs he held. My 13 years older Aggie cousin said but you wanted to be careful around Glenn for both his safety and yours.
How many OU seats do you have?
Ok. I would like to sell all 4 together. I could maybe do 2 at a time. But not gonna sell 3 because that would leave me with just 1.
I do have another guy willing to pay $310/each for all 4 just fyi.
are these sold?
Just confirmed tonight the original buyer for $325/each flaked.
So still have them to sell
Atlanta Tx kid ,Cameron Dickerson , is one to watch. If he continues I think he will be Texas quality. Went to camp in Marshall and was contacted by Texas Tech, TCU and A&M. Check him out. He will be a freshman next year. You will not be disappointed.
Eric Nahlin
Eric Nahlin
I appreciate it. I will check him out. Thanks!
Atlanta Tx kid ,Cameron Dickerson , is one to watch. If he continues I think he will be Texas quality. Went to camp in Marshall and was contacted by TCU and A&M. Check him out. You will not be disappointed.
How is your father doing? I haven't seen him in a good while. The doctor may have. told him to stop working and get rest. I've kept him in my prayers.
Hey Justin I have the same issue, I dont have any access to the Premium board. I gr a message that says I dont have permission to access it
Eric- I cannot access my account. Can you help me? It says:

Inside Texas - Error
You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
Eric Nahlin
Eric Nahlin
Thank you, I sent Clendon a message to see what the issue is.
Thank you.
Sneezy, I think I am private messaging you. I just wanted to thank you for your help. I wouldn't have derailed the fabulous ACU thread if I had known about this method of contract.
I threw the roughnecking history in because I think you have referred to the oil fields.
All the best, and thanks again for your help.
If your going to be around Abilene on Friday April 5, I'm buying!