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Four ways Sam Ehlinger can beat you

Sam Ehlinger. (courtesy of Westlake ISD)
Sam Ehlinger. (courtesy of Westlake ISD)

You can assume anyone who has the 2017 quarterback commit from Westlake as a 3-star hasn’t seen him in a game.

So four ways:

Instincts: The hardest thing to discern with many players is Ehlinger’s greatest strength. He has exceptional pocket presence and feel. His internal clock was handcrafted in Switzerland; it is precise. Pressure him from the back and he scrambles always with his eyes downfield. Pressure him up he middle and he subtly sidesteps that while continuing to survey the field. The game is slow for him. He could have been sacked 6-7 times and only got caught once for a short loss.

Brains: Different than instincts, this equals processing. He threw into double coverage a time or two but every time with awareness of where the defenders were. Had his guys not had at least seven drops, he would have carved SLC. He wisely threw the ball away when outside of the tackles. The kid can’t be a junior.

Legs: His late father was a triathlete, Sam looks like a decathlete. He’s not fast, he’s not slow, but he moves well laterally and finishes runs with authority. Westlake came out running him to set the tone and set the tone he did. He’ll play at a muscled up 6-foot-1, 215. Put a mustache on him and he’ll look like a @Vasherized pinup.

Arm: High release, keeps his elbow up. Nose of the ball stays down, this will help if they play in fine Scottish weather. He almost always had the right velocity on the ball save for a couple over cooked crossing routes. If Swoopes has a 10 arm and Heard is a 5, I’d give Sam a 7.5, maybe 8. Poorest throw of the night was an under-thrown fade.

Extra thoughts:

Sam Ehlinger. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Sam Ehlinger. (Will Gallagher/IT)

– worked the RPO game well. He’s a natural at riding the ball carrier patiently and going from there.

– so poised, so composed even under pressure. He’s the alpha personality the program has missed at the position since #12.

– he threw well on the move and had at least two jump throws that were on the move. One looked to be because his view was impaired and the other was to get zip on the ball. It’s weird, it’s effective. Imagine Brett Favre minus the Yosemite Sam gunslinger decision-making.

– the thing I love is Sam’s always looking to make the big play but he’s not careless in his decision-making.

– a comp, and strictly a comp when it comes to play style, is Elway. Doesn’t have Elway’s 11 arm but will frustrate defenses with his behind the LOS athleticism and ability to extend plays. Will also sneak some easy scrambling yards.

– Put him on SLC and they win by 40. Put him on Westlake and they sneak out a tough win. That sums this dude up.

– he’s 4.5 star to me. If Buechele is as good or better, well, PYBD.