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Fridays in the Humidor – TEAM (9/6/19)

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By: Eric and Justin

Forever week is drawing to a slow, merciful close. I feel like we’re all sitting here together watching the same pot, waiting for it to boil. Right when it gets close, @malaise needs the burner to light a cigarette like the classy West Texan he is.

While LSU does the chirping for cameras the team is buried in its work. The self-imposed social media gag order has definitely aided the perception that LSU is the big SEC bully waiting to take UT’s Big 12 lunch money.

Texas has kept things quiet in public, but the team’s absence from Twitter doesn’t mean LSU’s talking hasn’t filtered to them. Still, it’s not a motivational tool. “Nobody cares about that. Missouri disrespected them in person so that was a bit different. That genuinely pissed them off. This is just nonsense they’re not paying attention too. They don’t need any extra motivation.”

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