Game Preview: TCU rematch

Javan Felix. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Javan Felix. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Hoop Preview: TCU Rematch
Date: Tuesday, January 26
Time: 7:00 Central
Television: LHN
Location: UT

Big 12 Rematch Game: TCU won the first meeting 58-57 in Fort Worth. You can find the full TCU preview here.

Texas gets the chance to avenge its worst loss (RPI wise) of the season when they get their rematch against the Horned Frogs in Austin on Tuesday night.

Texas Keys: Offense

Don’t settle. In the loss in Fort Worth, the Longhorns settled for far too many jumpers. This is a jump shooting team, but it’s the games where they can find that balance between perimeter jumpers and penetration into the lane that we see Texas at their best. For a half against KU, Texas showed a willingness to attack the paint. More of that will be needed against a TCU team that can hit dry spells on offense. Texas needs dribble penetration against space whenever they can get it and if shots from the perimeter come out of, great. But the ability of Yancy, Davis, Felix and Roach to get lane touches off the bounce will be the difference between this being an easy win or a dogfight.

And when the jumpers do come… They have to fall. In the loss, Texas shot 3-21 from the outside. Regardless of opponent, essentially, if Texas shoots under 20% from deep, winning is going to be difficult. Arguably impossible in a conference like this one. Making perimeter jumpers opens up driving lanes, it aids in offensive rebounding, it puts pressure on the opposition to keep pace. This needs to happen against a team like TCU who play at one of the slowest paces in the conference.

Texas Keys: Defense

Three point line. If this game comes down to which team can execute better inside the arc, Texas should win easily. But Parrish’s five three pointers in Fort Worth were a killer (especially considering those five account for half of the total perimeter shots he’s hit in conference). And it doesn’t even have to be Parrish. Texas can’t allow anybody to get hot from deep because threes are kind of the last line of offense for TCU as their deep looks tend to be more desperation than built in. Texas has to find shooters in space and rotate early because you want TCU taking mid range jumpers, not open long ones.

The Endgame

The loss at TCU was offset, largely, by the surprise win at West Virginia. A home loss to those same Horned Frogs, however, would be catastrophic as those are two wins Texas likely can’t afford to give away.

I don’t think they will, but the Longhorns have to come out with the same intensity against the lesser opponents that they do against the big time ones.

Hopefully we see that tonight.

Prediction: Texas 66 – TCU 56

Projected Starting Lineup