Game Thoughts: OU 70, Texas 66

Andrew Jones (Will Gallagher/IT)
Andrew Jones (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas – 66
Oklahoma – 70
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Overall Game Thoughts

Young players deserve the chance to grow. They deserve the chance to go through their growing pains and figure things out.

But, seriously, Texas. What the ****?


Jones had six turnovers, the Longhorns shot 3-11 from deep, had five missed layups and Jarrett Allen went 1-12 from the foul line (essentially, considering he missed the front end of four one-and-ones).

What else would you like to know about why Texas lost this game?

Even if the three pointers don’t fall at a higher level, that’s 21 points the Longhorns were unable to put on the board that were either high percentage looks or uncontested by nature (free throws), and that’s just from those stats.

How does a team combat that?

How does an offense that already struggles with point guard play overcome missing easy shots and free throws?

Oh, right. They can’t.

And, so, Texas lost to the worst team in the league (who probably won’t win another game this year).


Get this ****. Texas held OU to 37% shooting (19% from three) and lost.

Defensively, they lost for two main reasons: 1) they allowed 15 OU offensive rebounds; 2) they put the Sooners on the foul line 31 times (they made 22 of them).

They were put in that situation by nature of a few things.

First of all, Young, Banks and Yancy simply couldn’t stop fouling people (they combined for 13 fouls in 36 minutes, the rest of the team combined for 10 fouls over the other 164 minutes played).

Second, when Texas went zone, they got torched by OU’s interior rebounders (Lattin and McNeace) to the tune of 9 second chance rebounds between them to go along with 11 second chance points for the Sooners.

Teams that struggle shooting (as OU does/will considering the loss of Woodard) can thrive on second chances and free throw opportunities.

Texas, unfortunately, was happy to oblige on both fronts.

Jarrett Allen (Will Gallagher/IT)
Jarrett Allen (Will Gallagher/IT)

A Look at the Numbers:

Oklahoma shot 37.3% (22-59) overall, 19% (4-21) from three and 71% (22-31) from the line.

Texas shot 47.5% (28-59) overall, 27.3% (3-11) from three and 43.8% (7-16) from the line.

OU easily won the rebounding battle (43-37), Texas had more assists (13-8) and OU had fewer turnovers (9-13).

Star of the Game: Jarrett Allen

If you ignore the free throw shooting (how can you?), he played a tremendous game.

He was all the glass in the second half. He was efficient and active on both ends of the floor. He even moved the ball better than he has much of the season.

But, his free throws woes magnify the other flaws Texas had on the evening.

Nice night for Jarrett (17 points, 10 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks) with an obvious caveat.

The Endgame:

****. ****ity. ****. ****. ****.

I know young teams struggle on the road, but OU’s not any good.

The mental weakness of this squad is staggering.

Shaka will bear much of the blame. And he probably should.

But if you’re going to hate on somebody for this, don’t forget the players. Shaka’s game plan was good enough to create chances for five more layups and what could have been 21 free throws, of which Texas only hit seven (most of which were missed by a guy who, up to two games ago, was shooting 70% from the foul line in conference).

It would simply appear that Texas is going to go winless on the road.

Which is really, quite lame.