Game Thoughts: TCU 78, UT 63

Jarrett Allen jumping over Frogs (Will Gallagher/IT)
Jarrett Allen jumping over Frogs (Will Gallagher/IT)

Texas – 63
TCU – 78
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Overall Game Thoughts

TCU rode a red hot last 10 minutes to a win that was far less comfortable than the final score appears to complete the season sweep over the Longhorns in Fort Worth.

Rebounding and three point shooting being the main culprits of error for Texas, the Horned Frogs took advantage of the opportunities Texas gave them as they pulled away late.


Through the first 30 minutes, Texas was right there.

The turnovers were down. The decided purpose of feeding Jarrett and Shaq was there. The ball handling and playmaking of Roach and Jones was a net positive.

Texas was responding. TCU would make shots and Texas was ready to come back and make this a fight.

Then Jamie Dixon switched to a zone with 13:55 left in the game and Texas went ice cold.

Over that lat 13:55, Texas’ backcourt combined to shoot 0-3 in the midrange and 0-5 from three point range. The Longhorns also committed five turnovers over that same span.

And after an entire game of keeping up with TCU’s offensive efficiency, the Longhorns saw a one point deficit turn into seven, nine and, eventually, 15.

Without a penetrating guard to collapse the defense, Texas was left probing with passes and looking for post entries. When they found them, Texas executed well enough against zone, but when they couldn’t the outside shots didn’t fall…any of them.

Disappointing finish to a solid first 30 minutes on the offensive end.

Shaquille Cleare (Will Gallagher/IT)
Shaquille Cleare (Will Gallagher/IT)


It doesn’t matter how good your ball defense is, when you have 18 defensive rebounds and your opponent has 13 offensive rebounds, there are going to be problems.

This held true as the Horned Frogs posted 18 second chance points off of those 13 offensive rebounds.

It’s all bad about that, but some of the circumstances were just bizarre. The Longhorns did a nice job of getting a hand on rebounds, but five times they could only tip the ball which landed in TCU hands; three times a Texas player had the ball with nobody around them and fumbled it out of bounds on the baseline; three times Texas had done well to establish proper rebounding position only for the ball to bounce high and away towards a Horned Frog player.

Is that effort or cognizance or bad luck or some ****ty combination of all three?

It didn’t help matters that Shaq had early foul troubles and that Banks is still so consumed with his assignment (either his man or his area) that he struggles to locate and chase even with his length and athleticism.

Frustrating that it was the defensive end of the floor where Texas let themselves down today as failing to get stops allowed TCU to set up their half court defense well and kept Texas from getting the traction they needed.

A Look at the Numbers:

TCU shot 51.7% (30-58) overall, 38.1% (8-21) from three and 62.5% (10-16) from the line.

Texas shot 46.6% (27-58) overall, 15.4% (2-13) from three and 63.6% (7-11) from the line.

TCU had more rebounds (36-29), more assists (20-17) and fewer turnovers (10-12).

Star of the Game: Jarrett Allen

If Jarrett were to leave this year, he’ll likely be a late lottery/mid-first round pick in what is being hailed as the deepest NBA Draft since 2003.

If he were to stay, he’ll likely be fighting for first team All-America honors next year.

He’s so fricking good (22 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals, 3 assists, 2 blocks).

The Endgame:

This matchup felt weird from when I started looking at it mid-week.
TCU had struggled defending of late and were giving some games away with poor execution. That looked like it could aid Texas, who had been shoring up their rebounding issues and had guarded the three point line so well this season.

But today was neither of those things.

And what appeared to be a winnable game turned into simply another road loss where a young Texas team wasn’t ready to be clutch in the clutch moments of the contest.

Next comes a Tuesday matchup in Austin against an ISU team that is currently heading to overtime with KU at Lawrence.

So that’s nice.