Good Riddance, Huskers But Im Still A Little Sad To See You Go

I’m not shedding any tears that this weekend’s baseball series in Lincoln will be the last scheduled meeting as members of the Big 12 between University of Texas and University of Nebraska teams.
Understandably, a Husker program that along with Oklahoma once dominated the Big 8 could never adjust to a Big 12 whose power from day one shifted generally south and more specifically to Austin.

Nebraska tried to paint Texas as a villain during and after the conference realignment talks last summer. As a justification for leaving the Big 12, NU Chancellor Harvey Perlman went so far as to imply that when UT President Bill Powers would not agree to conference members giving up their media rights, Texas was somehow not committed to the continuation of the Big 12. Of course, two weeks prior to that, according to UT officials, Perlman and Nebraska had agreed with Powers on that point (the Huskers also had plans to retain their media rights to also start their own network). Bottom line, it’s telling which team is leaving the Big 12 and which team is staying.So from the administrative side of things, I say good riddance. Have fun as the puppy in the Big Ten dealing with big dogs Michigan and Ohio State. I am a little sad, though, to see the Huskers go from the sports side of things. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing two of the four Texas-Nebraska football games in Lincoln, witnessing all three Big 12 Championship games between the Horns and the Huskers and seeing all three of the match-ups in Austin. Aside from the Oklahoma game, collectively those 10 games vs. Nebraska provide more memories over the course of the Big 12’s history than vs. any other opponent. I’d love to have the Huskers visiting Austin this fall, as originally scheduled. More likely than not, it would have been another epic battle. But if not, it beats hosting Kansas. I’ll miss the baseball rivalry, as well, although the Huskers haven’t exactly held up their end of the bargain as of late. Up through the mid-00s, though, the Texas-Nebraska rivalry was as good as any on the UT baseball schedule. Hopefully this weekend, the Horns do as they’ve done so many times in so many ways over the last 15 years: show the Huskers who’s boss.