Has anything changed with Tyrone Swoopes?

Tyrone Swoopes. (Will Gallagher/IT)
Tyrone Swoopes. (Will Gallagher/IT)

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AUSTIN — Texas officially named Tyrone Swoopes its starter today as head coach Charlie Strong and a few players were made available to the media. Below are the raw quotes from Swoopes and what they were about but I wanted to point out a few that just baffled me.

On if the offense has actually changed…

“We are doing a lot of the same stuff. I wouldn’t say we’ve added a lot, it just moves faster.”

Thoughts This one just baffled me. I asked this question because I felt like I needed to in order to get thoughts heading into the first game. We have heard over and over again about spread concepts, putting a QB run game in the structure of the offense, allowing the new coaching hires in Traylor and Norvell to add to the structure of the change of the offense. Unless Tyrone Swoopes in sandbagging, the only thing that really changed was the tempo of the offense. What does this mean for Swoopes and maybe more importantly, what does it mean to Jerrod Heard?

Obviously play calling structure and rhythm will mean a lot but this was a weird thing to hear after all of the talk since the spring about change.

On if Texas is his team now…

“I think that would be accurate. I feel like that is a good thing to say because when players need something they come to me before they go to the coaches.”

Thoughts – He did not want to answer this question. It was basically asked in two different ways in order to draw out an answer. It’s not secret that a person doesn’t change into an alpha-dog in 9 months and it’s debatable whether strong leadership can be fostered, created or built.

I guess the real question is whether the Texas QB has to be an alpha dog? I have said over and over that the Texas QB does not need to be great but he does need to own the position. He does not need to go out and win games for Texas but he can’t be the reason they lose them.

Am I panicked over this? No but if anything I was expecting a young man to operate out of expectancy and stand up and say I am the QB at Texas. Not because he owes me anything or because he should be anything other than what he is. I was hoping he would do it because he was understand that Texas has been starving for offensive leadership for the last five years and they need to hear it.

It does not seem like much has changed. Texas fans have to hope that for his sake a lot has changed on the field.

By the way, Dylan Haines did say, “Last year we just saw him make so many non-smart throws. This year has been so much different. He’s checking down instead of taking the huge risk.”

If he does that more and is not the QB putting his defense in compromising situations, then the personality and leadership issues could be mitigated.

On his interaction with Vince Young…

“No I have not talked to him but I have seen him around.”

Thoughts – Why is this not a priority? If I’m Charlie Strong, this is a phone call that has to be made to foster a relationship that could end up being a huge help in the growth and the development of Swoopes. VY has the credibility to look Swoopes in the face and essentially say, “Screw the media. Screw message boards. Screw partying. Screw anything that is not going to help you be great.”

One of the things that Swoopes seems to be missing is understanding the fact that he can’t empower anyone or give confidence to anyone unless he empowers himself and exudes confidence himself first. Whether it’s the small town he grew up in, his laid back community, the way he was raised or his natural personality it seems like a lay up that VY could help him grow in so many ways. Again, all of this is just my opinion.

On when he found out that he was the starter…

“I didn’t assume anything. I guess I found out when you guys did today.”

One the negativity around him…

“People are going to think what they want to think. I can only control how I play on the field.”

On if his confidence has grown…

“Confidence comes from knowing your stuff. I feel better about where I am.”

On if he thinks he has won the locker room…

“It’s really important to get your teammates to like you and want to be around you but that was not my main goal. I want to play well on the practice field and ultimately in the game.”

On how he has changed from last year to this one…

“I have just become a student of the game. My reaction time has gotten a little faster.”

On Jerrod Heard…

“Jerrod is really outgoing and that is one of our major differences. He is an athletic guy that can make people miss.”

On what the Texas offense can hang their hat on…

“We should be able to hang our hat on running the ball. Our offensive line is a lot better and our running backs are very good.”