Hoops Game Thoughts: UTRGV

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The offensive struggles Texas has had under Shaka (and they’re considerable) being pushed to the side a bit, my number one criticism with Shaka at Texas has been his issues with personnel and rotation decisions.

Players’ minutes. Who starts. Roles inside of a grouping. At the best or times, these types of things have been questionable. At the worst…

So, while I’m going to spend the next thousand or so words discussing other things, if you’re interested in being in my head over the next four months (not sure why you would be, but whatever) know that made or missed shots, thunderous dunks, Havoc or no Havoc, all of it. It just doesn’t matter to me as much.

What matters to me is whether or not Shaka can do two things: 1) recognize who gives his team the best chance of being successful by being on the floor; and 2) have the consistent emotional fortitude to make tough decisions that point number one might dictate.

If those things can happen, the talent and upside of this team is undeniable. If they don’t happen, some real struggles are likely.

On to the game.

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