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Hoops Recruiting: Washburn Looking For the Right Fit

With a big game Thursday night against Cedar Hill, 6-foot-8 Duncanville High School forward Julian Washburn — teammate of 2009 Texas signee Shawn Williams — was kind enough to give us a few minutes of his time to discuss his season thus far, his recruitment for 2010 and what he’s looking for at the next level.
To say that Julian Washburn’s high school basketball team is loaded might be an understatement. Four players on Duncanville’s roster are already heading to Big 12 programs in the coming years, including, for the class of 2009, Texas bound Shawn Williams and Oklahoma State bound Roger Franklin and Reger Dowell, for 2010, the No. 3 ranked center Perry Jones, who is committed to the Baylor Bears.

With a team like that it’s easy to see why Duncanville has established themselves as one of the top high school programs in the country, and possibly the best in the state of Texas. As for this year, Washburn is happy where his team is at.

“We’ve been doing good this year. It’s been kind of up and down, but we have a big game against Cedar Hill tomorrow night,” said Washburn.

With the playoffs coming up next week, Washburn hasn’t had a lot of time to put a lot of thought into his recruitment, but he does have a pretty good idea what he’s looking for.

“I think running teams fit me the best. Teams that get up and down,” commented Washburn. “As far as a coach, I want a coach that will make me work harder and make me get better,” added Washburn.

Julian has a few schools that stand front of mind to him right now. Six to be exact.

“Kansas, Texas, UCLA, Texas A&M, OU, and Oklahoma State are six that I think about right now,” said Washburn.

Having already made a trip to Stillwater to see Oklahoma State face Texas A&M, Washburn hopes to at least go on “four or five” visits this fall.

As for his game, Washburn is long and lean with a great ability to slash to the basket and finish. Surprisingly, according to Washburn, that’s not the most impressive part of his game.

“I would say my post up game. I mostly play on the wing, but I like to post up smaller defenders,” Washburn said.

As for what he can improve on, Washburn has already singled out two areas that he feels he will need to improve.

“I need to work on my dribbling and on being aggressive,” said Washburn.

Washburn is rapidly turning himself into a great high major prospect. He not only has offensive ability, but he also has the ability to defend smaller players on the wing with his quick feet. He also shows great bounce and energy when going after rebounds. With work on his outside shooting and dribbling, Washburn will turn himself in to a match-up nightmare for opponents. In other words, exactly the type of player that coaches love to have on their roster.

Interveiw conducted by Matt Scott of, ESPN’s Kansas affiliate.

ESPN Scouting Report on Julian Washburn: December, 2008: Washburn is an excellent athlete that scores on slashes and drives from the low wing with good touch and body control. He also uses the jump hook from the low block over his left shoulder when he can hold his post position long enough. He can also finish through contact. He is a match up problem for less mobile power forwards. Washburn has some small forward skills with his ball handling but must work on his shooting to be affective from behind the arc on consistent bases. He is an excellent rebounder especially on the offensive glass. He seems to get credit for a couple tip-ins each game. Washburn lacks strength but is active and runs the floor effortlessly. He is a good shot blocker with excellent timing when helping from the weak side.

November, 2008: Washburn is developing into a high-major small forward with a multi-dimensional game. He showed great bounce around the basket finishing plays after contact (2008 McDonald’s Texas Invitational). He is an active rebounder on both ends of the floor and was able to tip in a couple missed shots with superior timing. Gets out in transition and fills the lanes. He is more of an interior player at the moment, but is progressing well away from the basket. He showed the ability to put it on the floor and create his own offense and also knocked down a couple of 3 pointers. He has good feet and was able to defend most small forwards or perimeter 4-men during the tournament. More comfortable as a finisher, but made some nice passes when defense double-teamed him on the low post. As his game develops into the small forward position his stock will rise.

June, 2008: Washburn is a young player with a ton of potential. He has good size, tremendous length, and a huge upside. He is in the process of transitioning from the power forward position to the small forward spot. He is most comfortable when putting the ball on the floor. While he doesn’t have the type of explosion to blow by a defender (in large part because he plays way too high off the ground), he is often able to methodically work his way into the lane where his size allows him to shoot and pass over the top of defenders. He also has a good knack for scoring between 6-10 feet with a series of spins, runners, and turn-around jumpers. His shooting stroke from the perimeter is adequate at best, although it would improve quickly if he learned to get his legs into the shot more. Physically, he remains very lean at the moment, although his long arms and wide shoulders suggest that he could eventually have a terrific body once he gets into the weight room and fills out his frame.

December, 2007: Julian Washburn is an ultra-talented power forward with a mean streak to him on the court. Washburn is very aggressive and fearless on the court. He rebounds very well and goes after every ball on the glass. His skill level is high for his age and size, but it is still an area that he can really improve upon. Washburn shoots it well, but can become much more consistent in this area. He also needs to learn to move better with out the ball and develop some ball handling skills. He has a great mentality and has a chance to become an elite player in the class. Washburn’s father played in the NBA as well.

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