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Inside Scoop – Christmas Eve Edition

Devwah Whaley. (Justin Wells/IT)
Devwah Whaley. (Justin Wells/IT)

Merry Christmas. By now you’ve hopefully braved lines and crowds and can now focus on the important stuff; family and food – well, there’s another important aspect too – and not in that order.

I have a pork chili going now to take to my sister’s house where we’ll fry a turkey the size of senior year Taylor Bible. I’m nursing a headache the size of Montana because let’s be honest, this time of year is fun.

Dead period means dead news for the most part, but trend lines persist. Let’s look at how January is shaping up with visitors. My thoughts are not my own, they’re injected with information from people on the front lines. What reads like an opinion isn’t necessarily my opinion, I’m a mere conductor.

Pour up some spiked Egg Nog and sit a spell as I reset the situation.

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