Inside Texas Roundtable – Baylor

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Texas returns to action Saturday when they welcome the Baylor Bears to Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium. The Inside Texas Staff offers predictions, thoughts on Waco, keys to the game, and more in the Roundtable.

Justin Wells – I think of Patrick Dennehy and Carlton Dotson. That was a crazy summer. I also think of the horrendous traffic on I-35 headed towards Austin. Also in 2013, the coldest game of my life.

Eric Nahlin – Forgetting the negativity associated with Waco, I’ll go with some nostalgia: A family new to Texas took a trip to Waco so the once precocious son could tour the Texas Rangers museum to better prepare for a history assignment.

Ian Boyd – I think of how it’s evolving. That drive down I-35 now includes McLane Stadium, which is a nice visual next to the otherwise less impressive Brazos River. The whole town has been a fixer upper that’s getting some work.

Joe Cook – I think of the 2015 game. It was my senior year, and I wanted to make sure I saw the last game of the year since it was the last game of the year. Me and three friends loaded up in Austin at 8:00 a.m., drove to Waco, parked at a friend’s house, went to the game, walked back to the friend’s house, drove back to Austin, and all put on a tuxedo and made a dinner with minutes to spare. I also think of farmhouse sinks, shiplap, and the ALICO building.

Scipio Tex – I always think of the Branch Davidians standoff. Yes, I know it didn’t happen in the Waco city limits.

2. Texas hasn’t played in two weeks. What do you expect to see from them on Saturday at DKR?

Justin Wells – I think UT comes out firing on offense, builds a lead, then slows down the tempo so that Baylor can catch up.

Eric Nahlin – Discombobulation interspersed with fits of infrequent choreography. “If you play poorly too many times in a row, you are a bad team.” I think I said that 10 games ago.

Ian Boyd – More of the same with a few token tweaks that don’t amount to much.

Joe Cook – I expect them to look like a more “seasoned” team. Baylor’s only games this year have been against a weak KU team (with Pooka) and a WVU team that went to overtime. Overtime? Texas has lived there this year. The bye week will help, but I think what a lot of Texas fans have seen the Longhorns mess up (in large part due to hyper focus on a single school) will be more evident in the Bears’ play.

Scipio Tex – Dunno! I’m pretty confident that no one on the Texas staff has any idea either. I think I feel pretty good about our defense in this matchup.

3. The one Baylor player UT must watch and pay attention to win on offense _____ and defense _______

Justin Wells – Trestan Ebner and Terrell Bernard are who I’m watching.

Eric Nahlin – Ebner on offense. The board liked him his senior year in high school and with good reason. I think him and LaKendrick Van Zandt were on the same team and many of us were high on both. Silly me, I recall thinking Ebner might make a great safety. On defense, Terrell Bernard. Another familiar name from high school. It would be worth revisiting him as a template for Big 12 linebacker play.

Ian Boyd – Texas needs to track Terrell Bernard, don’t let him get a free run on a blitz. On defense whoever is right in front of Brewer is more or less the priority.

Joe Cook – On offense, I suppose it’s Charlie Brewer. Other players on Baylor succeed off of him, and he isn’t doing a whole lot of succeeding at the current moment. It may HAVE to be him in some regard considering, after the whole COVID-19 situation, we may not know who is playing for the Bears until they suit up.

Scipio Tex – Texas has to track Trestan Ebner out of the backfield. Defensively, they’ve got to identify second level Baylor blitzers, specifically Bernard.

4. Texas-Baylor score, prediction:

Justin Wells – Baylor 33, Texas 30

Eric Nahlin – 31-28, Texas. It should be a blowout. I hate reducing expectations because of underperformance.

Ian Boyd – I think Texas will get over on them with a score like 27-23 but need a late drive by Ehlinger and a terrifying defensive series to escape disaster.

Joe Cook – 28-13, Texas

Scipio Tex – Hoo boy. Texas- 26, Baylor-21

5. Bet the mortgage “Upset of the Week”:

Justin Wells – Iowa State over Okie State

Eric Nahlin – North Carolina State over North Carolina. Every time I think to cheer for Mack Brown, I’m reminded how petulant he is.

Ian Boyd – I wouldn’t want my mortgage resting on a turned over Ohio State team covering 26 points on opening week against an angry Nebraska. I like the Huskers to make it interesting.

Joe Cook – Minnesota over Michigan

Scipio Tex – I’ll take the free points of Iowa State +4 over Oklahoma State. I think the teams are more or less evenly matched.