Inside Texas Roundtable – Oklahoma

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Texas. Oklahoma. Cotton Bowl. LFG.

1. Texas and OU at similar crossroads is unfamiliar territory. Which team needs the win more?

Eric – OU benefits from the backdrop of annual fourth place playoff finishes and Heisman finalists. Lincoln Riley has some well earned capital. This is supposed to be the year Texas makes a playoff run behind a Heisman caliber QB but after only three weeks that looks very unlikely. Tom Herman can’t salvage the season without a win on Saturday.

Justin – The good guys. With a senior starting quarterback, and a head coach warm in his britches, UT needs this win. Big time.

Ian – It’s Texas. Oklahoma will definitely be in a deeper hole this season if they lose but one program is heading into a pandemic-altered season with a redshirt freshman quarterback and five consecutive Big 12 championships. The other is coming into the same situation trying to make one last go at things with a great senior quarterback after a decade of disappointment. Lincoln Riley and the Sooners are fine, Tom Herman’s Texas can’t afford to blow this.

Joe – Like in 1995, I’m going to go with a tie. There are similar implications for both teams. An Oklahoma loss calls into question Lincoln Riley’s capability of running a complete program (with a defense) that can get the Sooners over the edge. A Texas loss calls into question what exactly Tom Herman is capable of accomplishing at Texas in his fourth year.

Scipio – I don’t know which team needs the win more, but I know which coaching staff needs it more: Tom Herman and Texas. If you can find anyone who will call themselves “a big Tom Herman guy” in the Texas fanbase right now, you have a different social network than I do.

2. My most hated Sooner of all-time is ______

Eric – Baker Mayfield. Still pissed Malik didn’t get a clean hit on him after I specifically asked him to.

Justin – Dusty Dvoracek. He’s a punk.

Ian – Maybe Kyler Murray. His attitude amidst the fantastic 2018 rivalry was certainly unlikeable and he ended up with the last laugh.

Joe – Hate’s a strong word, but there’s a particularly dislikable defensive back who currently plays for the Sooners. Quentin Griffin had a nice three-year run against the Horns, but that’s not anything to hate.

Scipio – So many choices, so many options. Hard to pick just one. But let’s go with Joe Mixon. Because his situation, while no less egregious than a lot of stuff that’s gone on in Norman and has been pushed under the rug, is a reminder of what OU really is as a program. Video (which OU and its lackeys actively fought to suppress for months) is a b***h, I guess. Mixon’s program punishment for breaking several bones in a 5’0″ girl’s face was effectively REDSHIRTING. She got eight hours of surgery, a wired jaw, and hundreds of threats from OU fans. Looks like Mixon learned his lesson though and “grew” from the incident.

3. My favorite play in Texas-OU history is ______

Eric – Shipley shot out of a cannon. Modern Big 12 officials would have fever dreamed a penalty on that return.

Justin – The Stonie Clark Stop. A goal-line stop to win the game? ETX roots? I think so.

Ian – It’s still the Jordan Shipley kickoff return for a touchdown. The 2008 Sooners threw and landed some big punches early and it appeared like Texas might be about to fold again before that play, which made a 14-3 game 14-10. It was pretty cathartic for chasing away the ghosts of the 2000-2004.

Joe – For truly meaningful plays in truly meaningful games, it’s the Jordan Shipley return. For games without serious implications I was able to attend, it’s the Chris Whaley return TD.

Scipio – Some incredible options, but this brings back fond memories.

Texas was on a 5-game losing streak and 17.5 point underdogs. One of the sweetest upsets in Longhorn history.

4. Texas-OU score prediction:

Eric – 38-34, Texas. I don’t lower my expectations for UT coaches. On paper UT should win this game. It should be by a wider margin than my guess, in fact.

Justin – Texas 44, OU 31

Ian – Texas 40-36

Joe – 43-42, Oklahoma.

Scipio – Texas- 38, OU- 37. I have zero feel for our team, Oklahoma, or this game, so good luck.

5. The “Bet your mortgage” Upset of the Week pick is _______

Eric – I don’t have an upset but would take Miami and the points vs Clemson.

Justin – Give me K-State (+8.5) vs TCU.

Ian – I wouldn’t bet the mortgage on anything this week but I like Ole Miss +23.5 against Alabama and K-State +8.5 against TCU. I do think we’ll see “Big game Tom” against Oklahoma with everything on the line.

Joe – Tennessee covering +12.5.

Scipio – If QB Skyler Thompson plays, I kind of like KSU +8.5 over TCU.