Inside the Gameplan: Finding a title-winning formula on defense

Malcolm Roach (Will Gallagher/IT)
Malcolm Roach (Will Gallagher/IT)

Vegas recently released over/unders for the Big 12 that had Texas at seven for the 2018 season. That put them square with West Virginia and Kansas State, a win ahead of potential darkhorse Iowa State, a win behind TCU, 1.5 behind Oklahoma State, and 3.5 wins behind Oklahoma.

Vegas isn’t counting on much changing in the Big 12 this year but in reality it’s a season of great potential tumult. Mason Rudolph and Baker Mayfield have started at their respective Oklahoma schools for each of the last three seasons, TCU is restocking on both sides of the ball to a greater degree than is commonly appreciated, and across the league there is a dearth of established QBs to run the league.

In other words, there’s a considerable vacuum waiting to be filled by a team with a strong identity built around real, game-changing talent. If Texas can become that team there’s no reason to believe they couldn’t benefit from the rest of the league’s bad timing and win the fourth Big 12 title in the program’s history.

For that to happen though Texas needs to find formulas for victory on both sides of the ball that can present problems for opponents and have the depth and versatility to give Texas a chance in every game.

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