Inside the Gameplan: Live from DKR

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Oklahoma State’s road trip to Austin last Saturday coincided with my own road trip down to the state capital from my abode in Michigan. It’s the first time I’d been in DKR Memorial Stadium since Collin Klein unsurprisingly gritted out a 17-13 victory over the heavily favored Longhorns back in 2011. @wethorn was able to get me into some fantastic seats and I took in the game from a new observation post that offered some new angles on Herman’s Horns than my sofa.

The overall gameday atmosphere is definitely improved since my time as a regular attendee (student season ticket holder from 2006-2008). Bevo Boulevard isn’t exactly my scene but if my kids were older and I tried to take them to a game I’d be highly appreciative. Overall the new sights, sounds, and traditions within the flow of gameday are all positive. If you haven’t been, the Minister of Culture Matthew McCounaghey is ever present and there are a few gimmicks designed to amp up the crowd and the experience that are generally pretty fun. None of that made a huge difference in this contest, the volume level in the stadium was typical of a more lackluster game from another era.

But while the experience was slightly improved and largely familiar to my eyes, watching live gave me a few additional insights into the team.

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