Inside the Gameplan: Six things to watch in the spring game

Casey Thompson (Will Gallagher/IT)
Casey Thompson (Will Gallagher/IT)

Tom Herman’s spring games at Texas have followed a particular trend over the last two years. They are vanilla, don’t include much of the run game, and tend to consist of the various teams throwing the ball against each other in the base offensive concepts. Of course Texas is a run-centric team heading into 2019 with a pair of young RBs getting all the attention, but Herman’s goal for the spring game clearly isn’t geared around trying to beat Texas or encouraging a physical fight that only has downsides.

Texas’ goal is to put on a lot of fireworks and flash for fans and recruits while the real work of building a championship team takes place behind the scenes with occasional, curated highlights distributed to fans and media online.

Of course, we know a few things about what’s going on at practice and in the scrimmages and we can build off that to keep an eye out for a few things in the scrimmage on Saturday night. Here’s what to watch for:

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