Inside the Gameplan: The fourth quarter

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The final quadrant of the 2019 schedule is essentially all the new money teams in the conference. Texas travels outside the state for the second time all year to play at Matt Campbell’s surging Iowa State, then takes on Matt Rhule’s fixer upper Baylor in Waco, then ends the season with a re-emergent Texas Tech program under new HC Matt Wells and infused with shale cash.

By this point in the year things are often settled by who still has their legs in the form of a healthy roster and healthy QB in particular. Looking back at 2018, Texas Tech was a much stronger and more dangerous team than Baylor when they were in good shape but they lost the last five games of the year while starting three different QBs over that stretch and leaning on McLane Carter to try and take down Baylor in the season finale with bowl eligibility on the line for both teams. Conversely, Iowa State got a huge boost after a 1-3 start by inserting Brock “pump fake” Purdy in at QB against Oklahoma State and going 7-2 over the rest of the year.

Glancing back at those results in 2018 and what each team brings and projects forward to 2019, I think these final three opponents for Texas could make for a tough conclusion to the year. The game with Iowa State will likely once again have title game implications while Baylor will be dangerous at home if Charlie Brewer is healthy and Tech may sneak into the top of the mid-tier pending how well they fill out some key positions.

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