Inside the Gameplan: Top goals for the spring on offense

Sam Ehlinger (Will Gallagher/IT)
Sam Ehlinger (Will Gallagher/IT)

Spring on offense is pretty similar to defense. You want to find out who “the guys” are and then build around them while carving out the supporting roles in the fall. However, offense is a much more skill intensive unit, so the timelines on various players can be longer. The development of an identity on offense tends to start earlier than on defense, particularly for the 2019 Longhorn offense. Several important foundation pieces are already set such as the team’s QB. Plus, they aren’t replacing nearly as many important cogs as the defense.

It’s been amusing to see the overreaction to Lil’Jordan Humphrey’s combine performance. No one was quite sure where exactly he’d end up at Texas. I had him pegged as a flex TE from the start. He had absurd lateral quickness for someone with his height, but was a tough fit for the Sterlin Gilbert veer and shoot offense (not that it mattered) and just didn’t fit conventional positional types. Texas ended up building the offense around him last season, hunting matchups for him and taking their shots to Collin Johnson when teams overplayed Humphrey.

The 2019 offense is going to look different than compared to 2018’s because the best player is no longer a 6-4 flex TE. They’ll figure out who the best guys are and then retool around creating matchups that suit those players all while fitting everything together with what Sam Ehlinger is comfortable commanding. Fortunately for Texas, Ehlinger has a well-rounded skill set that should make all of this pretty easy. Here are the big questions and tasks for spring of 2019 on offense:

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