IT Roundtable – Tech

Sam Ehlinger (Will Gallagher/IT)
Sam Ehlinger (Will Gallagher/IT)

By: IT Staff

1. How does Texas escape Lubbock with a victory?
Justin Wells: Stop the dang run and run the dang ball. With UT misses some big names, they must get production from seniors and underclassmen. Lots of Ingram and Watson, and the Front 5 must keep Jett Duffey in front of them. And help PJ Locke.
Eric Nahlin: Contain the run and force Duffey to pass from the pocket. Cover his primary and give the Texas rush (essentially Omenihu) time to get home. On offense spread the ball around in the absence of Collin Johnson (assuming he can’t go). Then get Watson and Ingram going. There are still plenty of weapons within the scheme to put up a lot of points. Herman needs to go in with the mindset the offense needs to win the game.
Ian Boyd: They need to play a clean game on defense, ready to set edges against runs and screens, run to the ball at every position, and tackle at safety. Offensively they just need Sam Ehlinger and his associates to keep doing their thing.
Joe Cook: Make the nickel work. Herman said Monday that with Duffey playing QB, they expect to run more nickel due to the run threat. Let guys like Jeff McCulloch and Joseph Ossai do their jobs and Texas should be stout on the downs they play.
Scipio Tex: The best way to escape Lubbock with a win is to label the bus “CHINESE STUDENT EXCHANGE” and do no unveil any Longhorn markings until you hit Posey.  Then take 84 South thru Posey, Buenos, then Roscoe.  Merge onto 153 and travel through Santa Anna, Zephyr and Goldthwaite.  In Lampasas, stop at Momma Jean’s BBQ for a three meat plate, do some light stretching, then buy some porks rinds, beef jerky, flavored peanuts and some Snapple at the Kwik-E-Mart.  Then just pop on to 183 and it’ll carry you right home.
2. Impact players on offense and defense:
Justin Wells: LJH and Locke. Humphrey must make up for no Collin Johnson. PJ has to play well from the nickel because Lord knows Kliff will attack him. 
Eric Nahlin: Ehlinger and Sterns. Sterns should have plenty of clean up options versus the run and could benefit from Duffey forcing outside throws to his big targets.
Ian Boyd:  Devin Duvernay had a breakthrough game against West Virginia and a lot of it came on hitch routes of the sort that tend to be open at his position because of his speed and all the space he tends to get. Once he and Ehlinger established a threat and rhythm on routes coming back to the ball then his speed and ability to run double moves came to bear late. Whatever Collin Johnson’s condition is, Texas Tech will be very vulnerable outside to more of this. Defensively Texas needs a good game from P.J. Locke making sound play and tackling well from whatever position he ends up in.
Joe Cook: The BLB. See above. Sam Ehlinger. Against a defense that wants to “create turnovers” (count me as a skeptic), continuing his efficient season of limiting turnovers is in the Longhorns’ best interest
Scipio Tex: Sam and LJH will have to carry the big play burden sans CJ.  Defensively, the guy who needs to come through doesn’t wear a helmet, but a headset.  Tech’s offensive game plan will fit on a notecard.  Can we manage enough fundamental play?
3. Score prediction:
Justin Wells: Texas 40, Tech 34.
Eric Nahlin: 38-34, Texas. Kingsbury vs Orlando makes any result possible right now but I think Texas does just enough.
Ian Boyd:  Texas 44, Texas Tech 31
Joe Cook: 42-38, Texas
Scipio Tex: Texas- 31, Texas Tech- 30
4. Game of the week:
Justin Wells: Penn State vs Wisconsin. 
Eric Nahlin: It’s a really poor slate. I’ll still watch a lot of it but I’ll be flipping around.
Ian Boyd: It’s Bedlam, but that Ohio State vs Michigan State game has the makings of being both hideous and fascinating as the Spartans drag the Buckeyes into one of those ugly slogs they’re known so well for. Btw I woke up to snow so there are great chances for bad conditions in Lansing for this game.
Joe Cook: Temple/Houston. Although Gameday is at BC, there aren’t enough dudes to stop Trevor Lawrence. D’Eriq King and company roll over a pretty good Temple team.
Scipio Tex: Nothing that interesting to me.
5. Upset pick of the week:
Justin: Wisky tops the Nittany Lions.
Eric: MSU over fOSU.
Ian: Penn State is wrapping up an absolutely brutal stretch of schedule that included Ohio State, both Michigan schools, Iowa from the west, and now ends against Wisconsin. Trace McSorley is beat up but the Nittany Lions are giving Jonathan Taylor and the Badgers, who are still playing for a B1G championship, NINE points. Nope, Wisconsin covers and some.
Joe: Tennessee over Kentucky
Scipio: Ole Miss +13 over Texas A&M
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