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It’s now or next year for the 2018 class

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You’d like to get more than one ‘special year’ out of what was a special class on paper. As we know, they’re not guaranteed and a lot goes into whether or not you get even one special year out of a special class on paper, namely talent in neighboring classes and development, both in S&C and on the field.

It’s hard to make the case this class has been properly developed given almost all of its players saw the position coach they signed with replaced.

The class does have a big, if lonely, win over OU under its belt, as well as a quality Sugar Bowl victory over Georgia. That seems like a lifetime ago, when they were merely freshmen.

For this class to be a success, it can’t be remembered for those two wins. It needs to be remembered for this season, with October 2020 serving as a driving force behind whatever its legacy is going to be.

October is going to tell us a lot about the program in general and many of these players in particular. Players who arrived with dreams of being three-and-done are nowhere close. Many players with realistic NFL hopes a couple years ago will be fortunate to be drafted after four years.

The next stretch won’t be easy, but the difficulty of the upcoming slate is nowhere close to the unforgettable stretch that defined a great 2008 team. TCU on October 2nd; OU in Dallas on the 10th; Baylor on the 24th; at Oklahoma State on Halloween.

There is great opportunity ahead of the team and these players. Go 1-0 four times in October and they’ll begin living up to their promise. They’ll also start looking more and more like NFL players.

Let’s look at where they were when they signed and where they are now.

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