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Johnson: ‘Deep down, Im still a Texas boy’

A lot has changed in Dravannti Johnson’s life the past couple of days. On Friday, he de-committed from Texas A&M and quickly set up a visit with the Texas Longhorns. He made his way down to Austin on Saturday to check things out and felt in his heart that he was where he wanted to be. On Sunday, Johnson became the 19th verbal in Texas’ 2008 class.
“Yeah, I committed yesterday,” Dravannti Johnson said. “I visited on Saturday and committed yesterday.”

Johnson was tight lipped last night about whether he had received an offer from the Longhorns on his visit, because he didn’t want to announce his plans so quickly after de-committing from the Aggies.

“I had just de-committed from Texas A&M on Friday, and I had planned on letting things settle down a little bit. I wanted a little more time between that, but somehow it leaked out. There was really no reason to hold it back,” Johnson said.

On top of the Longhorn offer that he received on Saturday, Johnson had offers from UTEP, Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, LSU, Arkansas, Nebraska, Stanford and Washington.

Johnson loved his visit to Texas A&M during early January enough to give a verbal pledge to the Aggies, but his heart was in a different place.

“When I committed to Texas A&M after their junior day, I felt pretty solid. But when I started looking into it a little more, I didn’t feel comfortable in their system. It didn’t matter how nice their school was. I wanted a chance to compete for a championship and a chance to compete at my position. I just didn’t feel that A&M was the best place for me,” Johnson said.

“I was born in Austin. I grew up there and go back every summer. I have been to camps at Texas. In my heart, I felt like Texas was where I wanted to go all along. I wanted to go a junior day there, but I decided to respect my commitment,” Johnson continued. “When I committed to Texas A&M, Texas wasn’t really in the picture yet.”

“I decided to re-open my recruitment about four weeks ago, and Texas let me know that they wanted me from the beginning. When I re-opened things, I let the coaches at Texas A&M know, so this wasn’t just a spur of the moment thing. I had been looking around for about a month,” Johnson added.

“Texas is a place where I feel comfortable in my heart. Playing for the Longhorns has always been a dream. Deep down, I’m still a Texas boy,” Johnson said. “I like the position that I like be given a chance to play and the chance that I will have to compete. I’m not just going to sit on the bench (in an unfamiliar system). I wasn’t going to pass up a dream like that.”