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Lache Seastrunk: ‘I Had So Much Fun’

Temple running back Lache Seastrunk has already cemented himself as one of the top players in the nation for the class of 2010 and on Sunday he brought his considerable talent to Austin for a Texas camp. Seastrunk talked with Inside Texas about the event and where the Horns stand in recruiting.
The Texas Longhorns have already made it clear to Lache Seastrunk that he is one of their top priorities for the class of 2010.

Lache Seastunk has made it clear that he’s just surprised and honored that Texas is after him.

“I’m kind of shocked,” said Seastrunk. “I’m glad they want me and I’m glad I had to opportunity to go down there and work. I love working.”

He had his chance to go to Austin and work on Sunday when he attended a Texas camp. According to Seastrunk, the visit went very well and he enjoyed the camp from start to finish.

“I had so much fun,” said Seastrunk. “I’m really glad I went and got a feel for all the coaches.”

Seastrunk talked at length about the relationships he established with the Texas coaches. One of the coaches he spent the most time talking with on Sunday was Texas running backs coach Major Applewhite.

“I really got to know Mr. Applewhite. He’s a great guy,” said Seastrunk. “He’s constantly teaching, just constantly showing what you can do to make yourself better. I learned a bunch of stuff from him.”

Seastrunk is certainly good to begin with, putting up 1600 yards and 22 touchdowns on just 130 rushes — that’s over 12 yards a carry — as a sophomore in 2007, but the Temple runner said he wanted to absorb as much information as possible because he can always get better.

“There’s plenty of stuff I can do better,” said Seastrunk. “I’m working on running my routes better and just doing everything better. I always need to remember I can always improve.”

He enjoyed talking with both Applewhite and Texas head coach Mack Brown, who also spent a significant amount of time with Seastrunk, but the coach he connected the closest with was offensive line coach Mac McWhorter.

“He’s the coolest person on the face of the Earth,” said Seastrunk of McWhorter. “He’s just wonderful to be around and he’s so funny.”

Seastrunk said what he enjoyed the most about the coaching staff was the family atmosphere they create.

“I see why they say Texas is a ‘family’. I could feel it and I really liked that,” said Seastrunk.

Seastrunk commented that because of this the coaches are easy to talk to and one of his favorite moments from the camp was when Brown came over to during a drill to correct him on the proper way to carry the football.

“It shocked my heart that he came over to talk to me specifically. I mean, he’s there. He’s right there in the middle of it. He’s not up in his office and away from everyone,” said Seastrunk.

Seastrunk was deflective when it came to how he personally performed at the camp, but multiple players involved in the camp specifically mentioned to Inside Texas that Seastrunk was one of the most impressive players at the event. One objective area when he performed well in was the 40. Seastrunk ran a 4.48 on grass and did so in one attempt because he was told by coaches he didn’t need to run another because of his soreness from going heavy on weight-lifting leading up to the camp.

Seastrunk said he learned a great deal and was impressed with Texas during the trip…and not only because of football.

“One of the things I really like is the high academics. It’s really important to me,” said Seastrunk.

Seastrunk holds a 3.3 GPA at Temple and is interested in studying engineering when he goes to college in 2010.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve always been interested in how things work,” said Seastrunk.

Where he’ll be studying still remains to be seen, but his top two are still the same: Texas and LSU. As much as he enjoyed his visit to Texas, Seastrunk wants to wait until he’s seen LSU before giving a full assessment of where each stands in respect to the other and in July he’ll make that visit. Along with Texas and his trip to Baton Rouge, Seastrunk plans on camping at Oklahoma, TCU and Baylor this summer.

“Texas and LSU are my favorites, but I’m giving everybody a shot,” said Seastrunk.