Letter Pushing for Passage of SB 15

To the Honorable 83rd Texas Legislature:First and foremost, on behalf of the citizens of our great state we preface this letter of concern by thanking you for your public service and commitment to Texas.
On to the matter of concern; after all due diligence and exhaustive research, we have come to the determination that Governor Perry’s educational ideals and ambitions are not in the best interest of the citizens of Texas or the University of Texas. According to most educational reports, the public education ranking of Texas has been in decline over the last several years. A vital statistic in examining these reports is the rank of Texas in-state funding per student, which ranks Texas among the worst in the country. The question is, are we to believe cheapening the cost of education at an internationally recognized, first class institution like the University of Texas-Austin and drastically limiting the resources available to each student, the right step toward brightening the futures of our children, grandchildren and the generations beyond?It is our contention that we must adhere to the Texas Constitution designating the University of Texas as an institution of the first class, and allow the university to stay the course which has led it to become one of the most distinguished and esteemed public universities in the world.This brings us to the recent filing of SB 15, authored by Higher Education Committee Chairman Senator Seliger. The quick passage of this bill is paramount to maintain the educational integrity of the University of Texas. As evident from his attacks and continual attempts to oust University of Texas President Bill Powers, and his most recent appointment of good friend and loyal Texas A&M University alumnus Ernest Aliseda, Governor Perry has demonstrated that he has not and does not represent the best interest of the University of Texas. The educational standing and high regard in which the University of Texas is held is much too important to the citizens of Texas and future generations to allow political ambition and positioning to demolish the very foundation upon which those associated with the university have prospered. Let it be clear, this letter is but a projected voice of several thousands of Texas constituents who have voiced their unwavering support of SB 15 and will view anything less than complete support of this bill an act of inadequacy and malice toward Texas, its people and the University of Texas.We trust you to act accordingly in interest of the future of education for Texas, and the lives changed by a first class education from the University of Texas-Austin.Respectfully,Concerned Citizens of your ConstituencyP.S. The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You