Looking for Improvement in 2015: Offense

Tyrone Swoopes. (Justin Wells/IT)
Tyrone Swoopes. (Justin Wells/IT)

Turnovers, lack of execution, missed opportunities; that about sums up the 2014 Texas offense. No stat will give you the shakes more than Texas giving up more than a touchdown per game off turnovers. It was either very hard to score on Texas or incredibly easy. That needs to be fixed and that starts with the quarterback, though John Harris’ fumble returned for a touchdown versus Iowa State didn’t help.

Ball security and sustained drives is the name of the game for the UT offense in Year 2 under Charlie Strong and Shawn Watson. And if Oklahoma State is reading, Joe Wickline. Here are the previous in the 2015 Improvement series: Looking for Improvement in 2015: Coaching, and Defense.

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