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McRee achieves dream with UT commitment

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Texas added to its 2021 recruiting class when Lake Travis TE Lake McRee joined the fold Tuesday. Inside Texas caught up with McRee to discuss why he chose the hometown team and his fit in the UT offense.

Inside Texas: What made you know that the time was right for you to make your commitment?

Lake McRee: I’ve known for a while. I talked to the people close to me like obviously my parents, my coaches, I talked to my OC, and then I really wanted to be able to just focus on the football season. I knew I was going to Texas, I just didn’t know when I wanted to make the decision. Obviously, I would have liked to take my five official visits because that’s a really cool experience. But I think what was more important was to be able to have 100 percent focus on the season and being able to go for that big goal which is win that state championship.

IT: From the picture you posted and from talking with you, it seems like you’ve been a Longhorn fan for a long, long time. What’s it feel like to commit to the school you’ve grown up a fan of?

LM: It’s crazy. It’s been a lifetime goal. I don’t even know if it was a goal, it was more of a dream because I never thought it would be doable. Now, being able to say that I’m committed to The University of Texas it’s just… it still hasn’t hit me yet. It’s super crazy and I’m super blessed to be in this position.

IT: Why do you believe Tom Herman is the right head coach for you and your college career?

LM: When I talked to him, I felt like we connected differently than when I talked with any other coach. It felt like he was already my coach as if I hadn’t already just met him. When I went up to the camp, he was giving me tips when we were doing one-on-ones that I thought were very valid. I felt like he can just get me to the next level that other coaches can’t do.

IT: Same question but regarding your position coach, Derek Warehime.

LM: He’s obviously a really good guy. Straight up with me, but he really knows what he’s doing. He knows what he’s talking about. I feel like if I just trust him, trust Coach Herman, and trust the process then I should definitely be looking up.

IT: Do you feel your role in the Lake Travis offense is similar to what your role at Texas will be, and was that one of the big appeals about UT?

LM: That for sure factored into the decision. It wouldn’t be that much of a big transition for me because I could already more or less know what I’m doing. That definitely factored into the decision so it will be a lot easier transition than it would be for other people.

IT: How much has your teammate, Hudson Card, been in your ear about Texas, and how exciting is it to be able to play with a teammate at the next level?

LM: We’re more than just teammates. We’re pretty close on and off the field. He definitely was wanting me to go, but he knew it was my decision to make and I was going to do what’s best for me. It’s awesome that I’ll be able to play with him this year, then hopefully be able to play with him at Texas for three years. That’s just a crazy thing and you don’t see that a lot. I think that it’s really cool that we can make that happen.

IT: Current height and weight?

LM: 6-foot-5, 220.

IT: Thank you, Lake.