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McRee chooses the Longhorns

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The player who projects to be the top pass-catcher for the 2019 Lake Travis Cavaliers will play in a similar role for his hometown college.

2021 TE Lake McRee committed to Texas today over Baylor, Arkansas, TCU, Texas A&M, and USC among others.

Eric Nahlin on the commitment: As we continue to get to know the Texas offense, and as Tom Herman continues to acquire the right pieces for it, it’s clear he prioritizes the tight end position, or Y, as much as any other. 

There are effectively two types, the YTE, who is more of a flex receiving option like Brayden Liebrock coming out of high school. There’s also one we consider the Y-back on IT, or your more traditional H-back. (We don’t use “H-back” because the staff considers the slot receiver the H).

The staff will look to take a player like Brayden Liebrock and turn him into a tenacious blocker, or at least an adequate one, so he never has to leave the field. He’ll be a stud receiving threat for sure. If his blocking is half as good as his receiving he’ll be a very dangerous player. The same goes for Jared Wiley, the flukish spring game drops notwithstanding.

On the other end of the spectrum is Andrew Beck. Though he flexed out quite a bit due to playbook demands and lack of other options, he was at his best giving the offense an extra blocker and motioning towards favorable match-ups.

Lake McRee is more towards the Andrew Beck end of the spectrum as far as usage at Lake Travis goes but he shows the length, athleticism, and hands to be much more.

What if Geoff Swaim was a credible receiving threat? The often unheralded former Texas tight end was drafted on his blocking ability alone. It certainly wasn’t his 11 career catches. I see very similar attributes. McRee is an aggressive blocker whether on the edge or leading into the hole. He has good ability to block in space, though he does tend to get off-balance at times. He loves to put his hat on his target and try to finish the block. He doesn’t always, because he’s a slender 220 pound junior-to-be, but that’s another advantage he’ll have over Swaim: four years of top-notch strength and conditioning development. Like former Lake Travis Cavalier and current Longhorn Cade Brewer, McRee will have no problem putting on the requisite weight and strength.

The 2021 class is off to an interesting start with the ultra-explosive wide receiver Quaydarius Davis and now Lake McRee who will assist both the running and receiving game. 

Whose next for the class? We have a good idea or two.

McRee is the second member of Texas’ 2021 class joining Quaydarius Davis (Dallas Skyline).