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Michigan Point Guard High On Horns

Ray Lee, a 6-foot-3, 180-pound player out of Romulus, Mich., is becoming known as one of the best point guards in the country for 2012. The athletic prospect’s stock continues to rise as he turns in one impressive summer performance after another. Lee has been a Longhorn fan since junior high and has watched numerous talented players come through Austin. Recently, however, the tables have turned, as the Longhorns have begun to watch Lee.
“I’ve spoken to the Texas coaches quite a bit lately,” said Lee. “Coach Lanier will be coming to watch me at the Reebok event next month in Las Vegas. Coach Barnes said he’ll be coming to see me play in a tournament in July, but I’m not sure which one exactly. He didn’t say specifically, he just told that that he’ll be at one of them.”Lee says he’s excited to get the opportunity to perform for a coach and program he admires. Which brings up the question, how did a kid from Michigan become interested in Texas?”When I was younger, probably around 7th grade, I became interested in college basketball,” explained Lee. “This was when they didn’t allow players to go straight to the NBA from high school anymore. I’m not sure why exactly, but it was then that I just really started liking Texas. They had great players, they were winning a lot and I just really liked their style of play. It drew me to them I guess you could say. From then on I just liked them and rooted for them to win.”The Michigan product was ecstatic to hear from the program and has already hit it off with the Texas staff.”I’ve spoken to Coach (Rob) Lanier the most,” Lee said. “He and I have really built a solid relationship and we talk about a lot of things. When we talk about basketball, we discuss things like how to be a better leader and lead your team, different stuff to work on to make me better as a player and those types of things. He says I need to take care of business both on and off the court as well. He tells me to make sure my grades are in order, to carry myself like I know I should and to take care of business with the NCAA clearing house. He’s just a real laid back kind of guy and I really like them about him. He’s all about helping me improve as a player and person.”Although he doesn’t talk to Texas head basketball coach Rick Barnes as much as Lanier, he has gotten the chance to have a couple of in-depth conversations with him.”Coach Barnes says he’s really excited about me,” said the point guard prospect. “He told me he can’t wait to watch me perform. He said that he’s heard nothing but good things about me and is ready to see me in action. He also told me that I fit the description of the type of point guard he needs.”Besides giving him compliments, Barnes has made quite an impression on Lee due to a few different factors.”The thing about Coach Barnes that I really like is that he’s down to business,” Lee told Inside Texas. “He’s a great guy and very cool, but he’s all about basketball. He has a passion for the game and has the desire to win. To me, that’s great. I also like how he treats his players, both current and former. He’s always excited about his players getting in the NBA and is always talking about how good they are. He really sticks up for his guys. He’ll get his chance to get to know both coaches and the rest of Barnes’ staff in a few months, as he plans to head south and visit the Texas campus.”I haven’t been to Austin yet,” said Lee. “I’ve actually never been. The closest I’ve been to Austin is when I go to Dallas. I have family that lives there, so I come to Texas occasionally. I’ve also been in that area for a U.S. Elite Camp a few years ago. I’m anxious to see it though. I know for a fact that I will be coming down there and will take an official visit to UT. I’m really looking forward to it.”With the official visit already set, does this mean the Longhorns are the favorite?”At the moment I don’t really have a top five or anything,” Lee said. “I’m pretty open about it all. Besides Texas, of course, I like Georgia, Louisville, Iowa and Tennessee.”However, if the Longhorns do offer, it’s safe to say they’ll most likely be right at the top.