NCAA, Texas Offense, and Week 1 in CFB

John Burt. (Will Gallagher/IT)
John Burt. (Will Gallagher/IT)

The remedy for the NCAA, the Texas offensive expectations, and the first weekend in college football this fall are three topics on Sean’s mind.

NOTHING’ is the only the NCAA remedy

In the last couple of months I have been interviewed and asked to make opinions in two different documentaries that are pointed at the NCAA, claiming exploitation of athletes, image and likeness, and the desire by many to pay or at least offer more financial benefits to student athletes.

Regardless of which side of the opinion you agree with, the understanding that the NCAA will end up falling apart because they cannot give a dime is paramount. During the interview, I was asked if it would be appropriate for each athlete to receive $10,000 per year for image and likeness. I remarked that it would be great for about five minutes.

Five minutes later a football player the equivalent of Vince Young or Johnny Manziel will say, “Now that you have determined that my image and likeness is worth $10,000, my family and I believe that my image and likeness should be much more valuable than the same value being given to a rower that’s not on TV, doesn’t sell jerseys and doesn’t put butts in seats.”

A judge (one that does not play golf with a head football coach in the south) will see it the football players way because that makes sense.

That would destroy the NCAA. That is the reason that the NCAA cannot bend one bit and everything given has to be offered under the guise of the scholarship grant-in-aid. This will eventually lead to the undoing of the NCAA and the current horrible model that college sports lives within right now.

But the powers that be will try to postpone it as long as possible.

Can the offense carry things?

For a team that is full of NFL talent starting with the 2018 draft, there are holes to fill and holes to be worried about.

It was suggested to me that the Texas offense would have to carry the Texas defense until the defensive line was figured out and playing at a level that would allow the defense to play great as a whole.

I believe the offense in 2016 will be much better than the offense from 2015. They will average more points per game, more first downs, and more yards.

The defense will not need to be carried. The defense will infuse the freshmen slated to check-in in June and will manufacture a pass rush even if they have to do it through exotic and simple blitz packages.


With Texas and Notre Dame being moved to Sunday September 4th, we will all be blessed to see four great days of football.

Friday, September 2 – Kansas State at Stanford

Saturday, September 3 – Oklahoma at Houston, Alabama vs. USC, UCLA at Texas A&M

Sunday, September 4 – Texas vs. Notre Dame

Monday, September 5 – Ole Miss vs. Florida State

After watching this first half of the Texas baseball season, I’m ready for football now.