Notes and Quotes: Shawn Watson

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By Justin Wells, Inside Texas Web Editor
Posted Sep 3, 2014
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Shawn Watson. (photo courtesy on Texas athletics)

Quarterbacks were the subject matter when Texas OC Shawn Watson met with the media on Tuesday.

Notes and Quotes: Watson (acquired from

On if Swoopes is ready: Yeah, Ty[Swoopes] is ready. Your backup is always the most important player in your program. That's a lesson I learned from Coach [Weeb] Ewbank a long time ago and I've shared those things with Ty. He's done a nice job of improving himself through training camp. We've accentuated a whole new skill. He allows us to do some things we couldn't or wouldn't have done with David [Ash] that we actually have in our package, so we'll be able to open up some of that stuff.

"He (Swoopes) doesn't need to put an "S" on his chest and a cape on his back. It won't work that way."

"(Swoopes) been the cool, calm customer he is. I think he is a very well liked player on this football team and a very well respected player for his work ethic and his character and the person he is and what he puts in and what he's working to accomplish here. So he has a lot of team respect and the guys will rally behind him because of that. His demeanor hasn't changed. He's a very poised young man."

"Trey Holtz will be the 3rd QB vs BYU."

"Heard is progressing still. I don't anticipate him playing at all."

On how dire the situation is: It's just called opportunities, man. These kinds of things happen during the season. You've got to be a good example to your players on life lessons. That's part of what the game of football taught me and this is what it teaches all of us. It teaches us perseverance and how to find your way through difficult situations and rise above them. And we will. We've got a great group of kids and the core group of kids down there is just awesome and they're buying in to everything we're asking them to do

Watson mentioned the game plan with Tyrone Swoopes will be similar to what he did with Teddy Bridgewater his first year.

Bridgewater highlights from freshman year:

Jaxon Shipley:

"We've been through a lot since Coach Strong's came in. We've lost some of our friends, some of our teammates. We've really had to go to work this offseason. I feel like we really proved some stuff to ourselves that we can put in a lot of hard work and we feel like, looking back, we had an awesome offseason. It was one where we really put our head down and were really working. So we feel confident because of all the work that we put in. A lot of stuff that goes unseen to the outside people, I feel like, has given us a lot of confidence."

"Swoopes doesn't need to be a hero. Just don't turn the ball over and make your plays."

"Swoopes is a natural leader & a very hard worker. Plus David has Tyrone under his wing."

Jaxon Shipley on Tyrone Swoopes' first start: "I'm telling y'all, the dude can play. You better be ready."

Johnathan Gray:

On what they need to do with Swoopes to win: It doesn't matter what quarterback is in, we feel like. We feel like any quarterback can get the job done. We're behind either quarterback, and whoever's the starting quarterback that's who we're playing behind.

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