Revenge a non-factor for Bedford, UT

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By Bill Frisbie, Inside Texas Lead Writer
Posted Sep 3, 2014
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Texas defense gets set. (Will Gallagher/IT)

Brigham Young is the reason Defensive Coordinator Vance Bedford is now with Texas.  The former Longhorn letterman witnessed the beatdown on national television and has since stomached the game film on several occasions. 

AUSTIN -- The debacle lit a fire in his belly and, now, three days before the rematch, Bedford preached a revivalist sermon in front of the media that was directed more at his Longhorn faithful.  

“It was shocking,” Bedford said, initially, of the school-record 550 rushing yards the Longhorns surrendered on that dark and stormy night. BYU QB Taysom Hill accounted for 259 of those yards and added three TDs to boot.  Hill made it look easy. 

Former DC Manny Diaz was fired within 24 hours of the worst-ever showing by a Texas defense.  The 2013 Longhorns, of course, came within 30 minutes of winning a Big 12 title, but the meltdown at BYU reframed Mack Browns final season. Perceptionally, the worst-ever showing by a Longhorn run defense signaled to fans and media that Browns attempt to revive his once proud program had failed. 

“It was the most embarrassed Ive ever been,” Quandre Diggs said Monday. “We laid an egg, and we lost a coachs job. But its a new day. Were a new team. Weve got a new coach.”

In fact, the program got 10 new coaches -- and none more partisan to it than Bedford. The former Louisville coordinator always found a way to watch Texas throughout his career which, of course, included stints at Michigan and Oklahoma State.

“No matter where I was,” he said, “I was always going to watch Texas. Im a Texas-Ex. Im a Longhorn through-and-through. Watching that (BYU) game was disappointing, but thats part of life.”

Now that hes back at his alma mater, Bedford insists that pride is more a motivator this week than 'revenge.  It has less to do with seeing red than it does bleeding orange.  And this is where Bedford began to preach some Longhorn gospel truth:  

“Im not into revenge. You come to the University of Texas for a reason. Its because you want to be the best, and you want to play the best. If you need motivation to go out there and fired-up, then you shouldnt be here. Youre here for a reason. You want to be in a position to play for championships. You want to be here to have a chance to be All-Conference. You want to be here to have a chance to go into the (National Football) League some day. Otherwise, dont come to The University of Texas."

Bedford continued. 

“If you have to get amped-up because of something that happened in the past, then something is wrong with you. When I played here years ago, we walked on the field knowing we were supposed to win because we were The University of Texas. Thats why we came here. I didnt need to read an article that said Joe Blow said they were going to run through us. That didnt faze me. When you came out there, and I had that Longhorn on my helmet, the rest of it didnt matter. I went out of the field, I looked at you, and I was gonna knock your block off.  This is The University of Texas, and youre the other people. Its that simple.”

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