Football Recruiting

One of the Best in Texas

Lufkin High School always produces some of the best prospects in the state and in the Panthers just may have the top 2009 defensive tackle in the country. Jamarcus McFarland already holds four offers and is receiving a ridiculous amount of mail. He talked recruiting with Inside Texas.
“I have offers from Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Nebraska and Florida,” Jamarcus McFarland said. “The mail has been piling up. I’ve been getting a lot of game summaries and good luck notes.”

The top prospects in the country always receive a ridiculous amount of mail day in and day out and it’s been no different for McFarland. He admitted that he is getting letters from just about every major college football program across the country, but it could come down to education with McFarland.

“I haven’t paid a lot of attention to it,” McFarland said about recruiting. “I’d like to look at all the school education wise. I want to major in physical therapy, and I want to make sure the school I choose has that program. I am also going to look at the football program.”

McFarland has made one visit since the beginning of the 2007 football season when he checked out Texas A&M take on Oklahoma State in College Station.

“I made it to the A&M/OSU game,” McFarland said. “It was pretty fun. It was a nice experience. I talked to all of the coaches. They basically were telling me they were interested.”

The college football season isn’t close to being over and McFarland wants to make a few more games before the end of the year.

“A&M is close, so I will probably go to another one of their games,” McFarland said. “I also want to catch a Texas game and maybe an Arkansas one too.”

Texas definitely picks and chooses the kids that they want to go after and are very picky with whom they offer, but McFarland appears to be one of those guys. He talked about his interest in UT and how often he hears from the coaching staff in Austin

“They came and watched me play and have sent some hand written letters,” McFarland said. “It’s close and it’s in Texas. They have a good program and would be a good option.”